It feels like SHIVA has no agenda!

This is my identity and in SHIVA, all is already perfect, nothing to achieve, simply be in the flow!
It is very easy to be SHIVA!
The plan or vision come from METATRONA and ISISA.
METATRONA is a messenger for the GALACTIC FEDERATION and my role now is to be in total service to that reality.
The word federation refers to a network of energies and intelligences working in total synergy!
Take this word and project it in the future!
Let go of the traditional thoughts and associations around it.
Yes, GALACTIC FEDERATION is a governing or controlling body.
This is the network or organized energy that now directs your actions and evolution.
The latest set of SUPER POWERS you just received are aligned with that agenda!
They are the weapons and tools given to you to serve the agenda of the GALACTIC FEDERATION.
Instructions and clear directions come from METATRONA ANGELIC VEHICLE.
You are now part of a unit of energy that is much vaster than yourself.
The target is optimization of life and humankind on planet earth.
Of course that activity radiates in many ways into the GALACTIC GRID in the form of recorded experience and transmissions that go where needed the most.
Your governing body shifted from HUMAN HIERARCHY to GALACTIC FEDERATION.
These 2 governing bodies work in total synergy of course.
The main difference for you now is that your highest source of guidance and authority is no longer the set of masters that guided your steps in the last 12 years.
Your highest source is now METATRONA and it is an ANGELIC BEING.
This is where your guidance comes from from now on!
ISISA is a formless system that contains the evolutionary codes for humankind!
METATRONA organizes that system and sets up the transmission of that energy into human consciousness using you as an agent!