Together with the idea of STAR BODY ACTIVATION comes as well the idea of GALACTIC PORTALS or STAR GATES!

The expression I use for the activation code for that freqyency is




I do believe that we can consciously create or activate energy portals between realities.

I believe tgat in the future, we might travel through these gateways or use them as linking channels between energy realities.

Some of these portals are crystallized in human consciousness in the form of gate monuments like pyramids or temples.

We sometimes activate portals through ceremonies and activation practices.

In the reality of STAR GATES so many of our human concerns completely dissolve and are replaced by new evolutionary mindsets that are the reflection of a mature humankind. * NAKSHATRAYA = STAR BODY ??? We live in a world which is traditionally EARTH-BASED!

Now imagine that as a human race we are gently transitioning to being a bit more STAR OR SPACE-BASED!

In the process of doing so our, minds and our consciousness are rearranging themselves.

We re discovering new ways of energetically relating to life!

The word “NAKSHATRA” in Sanskrit means STAR!

I use the word as an access code to activate this archetypal energy in my field.

I will sometimes use it in group rituals, sing in in mantric ways or simply write it in calligraphic forms on the walls of my temple to dedicate my field to the activation of the star body.

As a human race we are on the infancy stages of our space evolution.

Think about where we will be 2 million years from now! I LOVE YOU!