New! Your e-book in MP3 format!


The last month has seen the apperance of a new feature on your break up e-book: audio MP3 files.

When you get your e-book, you now receive an extra MP3 audio version of your e-book + more than 80 min of targeted live advice (MP3 audio format as well) on break up situations for men.

I tell you something:

The only priority I have when putting this e-book together is to make sure that you win this break up challenge!

Break ups are tough and i do see guys devastated by this life experience.

When creating this e-book, I wanted to give men new strategies to deal with this challenge.

This is is the only thing which matters.

The results you want to achieve as a guy in a break up situation is to recover your full emotional freedom and autonomy in no time.

Adding an MP3 audio version of your e-book was the next natural step! It complements the visual reading experience of your e-book with a new listening experience.

I was amazed a few years ago when I first clicked to an audio link online. The experience is great because you can simply relax and immerse yourself in a new empowering mind set.

Your MP3 audio version of the e-book is complete!

On top of this I added extra audio advices to key break up situations.

You get everything for the same price! One price one product with multiple avenues!

You choose what you like best!

You can print your e-book, have it front of your eyes, mark the passages you need the most.

You can download your MP3 file on your MP3 player, take it to work and while driving, get a massive power boost to help you stay on track with your life.

This is my goal and I created a product I would love to buy myself.

The truth is that if you check online, it is hard to find anything on break up recovery which is as targeted and powerful as that.

I love this product and I know it can massively shift the way you stand in a break up situation.

I know this new development ads incredible value to your already powerful e-book.

Go for it! It is the only program of its kind on break up for men

Here is your link to get this e-book + its audio MP3 version + your 80 minutes of extra MP3 audio advice