Offer the access everything option on break up and jealousy programs?

On the new sales pages, it looks like the access everything option is essential.

Most of the profit made this month on these pages has to do with visitors buying the access everything option rather than a single ebook!

This means that they like it!

It’s working.

Having the access everything option on ebooks pages is 100% a good thing.

I was wondering a couple weeks ago if it was a distracting element and if I should remove it… The answer is clearly: NO!

It must be there.

This is why the possibility to have the same option on the break up and jealousy programs seems to be the way to.

I believe that this is an upsell strategy that could have fantastic results and double the access everything sales.


In the sales elements that could make a huge difference, this is definitely one of them.

To be implemented soon?

This could be THE next element that could radically increase access everything sales.

This step alone could represent an extra 2 – 5 access everything sales/month.

That’s a big potential step and income increase.

A potential incentive would be to raise as well the basic program price from $19 to $49.

This will push visitors to go for the access everything membership.

Is this the way to go?

Another one is to offer the ebook for $19 but videos + audios + ebooks for $49

I need answers!!!

To be followed…