Oh my god! You are a player?!!

The whole pick up scene is full of misconceptions!

Especially from women who have no idea what’s up with this pick up idea.

You see, the thing is that pick up is all about multiplying your power and presence as a man and mastering male/female dynamics.

I hear women often being offended that some people learn and teach that stuff!

My answer to women is:

Have you ever been on a date that feels really awkward and the guy is doing everything wrong? How does that make you feel? Did you like it?

What about a man who owns his power, is incredible in bed, and treats you like a goddess, how does that feel?

You obviously prefer the guy with skills, right?

So, if a man has no clue how to be with women and decides to learn something new is that a good thing or a bad thing for you?

It’s a good thing, right?

What bothers you is that you think that men will misuse their power and treat women like shit when they have these powers!

You think they will use you for sex and discard you after one night stands!

In fact you don’t trust that men can manage these powers!

You also want to keep your edge and the more men learn about female dynamics, the more you lose your edge in the dating battles!

You see, I believe that it’s fun to play the game and I don’t think you should feel threatened by men knowing more about it!

Most men who learn this stuff want to honor you and what they manifest are tools to be better dates, lovers or life partners.

In your eyes, is it a good thing or a bad thing?

Oh yeah, right! You want this to be natural not something a guy learned!

Are you serious???

So it’s ok to learn parenting skills, it’s ok to learn about men and how to seduce them in every single glossy magazine?

It’s ok to learn about every single thing in life but when it comes to women, men should magically figure it out?

Believe me! That’s not what you want!!

If you are about to marry a man who is lousy in bed, what you really want is to send him to me for 3 months sex training before he messes it up any further with you!

You see, men and women want the same!

They want fantastic, fulfilling, exciting relationships whether they are casual or long term!

Yes! Men who have these skills have way more options which makes you work harder to get them and keep them!

If you break up with them, they will bounce back on their feet and fly to new conquests really fast!

But guys with edge and skills will be way more interesting to you!

Imagine being with a man who is able to make you ride the orgasmic wave for hours just by stroking your clitoris!

Or think of a man who is able to take control when he takes you out and doesn’t need to be reassured every single step of the way!

What about a man who is in power and knows exactly what he wants? Is that sexy or what?

I agree! A man who is trained in pick up or seduction won’t be that easily manipulated by a woman’s game!

But guess what?

Do you want to play in the sandbox taking baby frustrating steps or do you want to be with alpha males who own their stuff?

The game is way more exciting with men who know a few more steps!

I am 100% convinced that if I give you 10 dates with 10 different men, 5 of them are trained, 5 are not, you would choose the ones who own their power all the way!

And the truth is that out of 10 guys who own their power, 9 will have some training under their belt!

It might not be pick up, it might be nlp, sales or leadership skills!

These skills teach you how to be more present and way better in social dynamics!

The point is that at one point or another they learned the skills that you are now enjoying!

So stop bitching about the pick up community and start saying thank you!

One more point you might not be aware of: many of the pick up teachers out there are in committed relationships with women who adore them!

These are the women you should interview!

Pick up is the first step of the courting game!

If you don’t like the word pick up, use the word seduction!

Don’t you want to be seduced by a man who really knows what he is doing?

I thought that was every girl’s dream including yours!

Something I agree with is the fact that some of the jargon used in pick up can feel diminishing for women!

That’s totally true!

PUAs will use terms like target or a 10 to describe a woman of incredible beauty.

I am not sure why that is and I can imagine some women will be surprised or offended by it!

Imagine if we mirror the situation and this time you are the one hunting for a man.

If you go to a club and feel magnetized by a man, he will instantly be your target.

You might not call it “target” but in your mind, that’s exactly what it is!

You are already building up scenarios to get him!

You are expressing your seduction skills as soon as you put lip stick on, make eye contact or speak to him!

You have a very clear goal in mind when you take these steps!

You might not call it pick up but that’s exactly what it is!

You don’t like the word pick up?

What term would you use?

Seduction game?

Approach tactics?

Attraction power?


In all these terms, the idea that a man is your prey is very present in your mind!

That’s how you strategize your seduction steps!

That’s what your mind envisions!

Both men and women are playing this game as soon as they enter the dating arena!

Now, let’s all have some fun!

About the author

Shiva Rajaya

Tantrika / Life coach / Activator of new evolutionary codes for the planet and humankind

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