Path to faster instant emotional freedom – what is still missing? – NOTE

You have lots of techniques out there.

The ones I use a lot are dynamic breathing, cold waters, mantras, live foods and more.

Now, it takes me discipline to be in a state of emotional freedom all the time.

It’s an energy level that i train in my body and mind.

Now, when people come to me and I tell them:

“You want emotional freedom, here is how to build it long term… It will take training and many techniques…”

You might feel disappointed or excited but find it hard.

Actually, I don’t think that there is real disappointment.

You genuinely want to try but the system I offer you requires discipline and consistency.

It is like training your physical body.

So, what i want now is the ability to GIVE emotional freedom rather than letting people do their work.

Yes, on the long term, developing the full set of skills is better but for the time being, delivering this to the people I help is the top priority.


First because there is a need for it.

second, because it is within range and there is an inner urge inside to respond to that.

Yes, it’s simple compassion