Sex! – Why she might not tell you what she REALLY wants! – TIP

This is one key challenge for guys!

Most guys I know want to learn more about sex but don’t get the feed back they need from the women they interact with.

Here are some of the main reasons why women often don’t share their profound sexual desires:

  • She wants to be surprised
  • If she spells it out, part of the mystery is gone
  • She is a bit shy or ashamed about it
  • To protect herself
  • She does not want to hurt your feelings
  • She wants to keep an edge or keep control

This last one is an essential one to understand!

If she unveils everything, she loses part of the power or control she has in the relationship with you.

Information IS power.

If she keeps precious information from you, it is her way to stay in control.

I know it can sound counterintuitive but I observed that behaviour VERY frequently.

It has to do with power + a competitive desire to stay in control.

So, how do you learn more about sex and increase your level of sexual power?

Here is the answer:

More on this in another article soon…