Shared decision making – How and when to apply it – ARTICLE

It is very simple!

You take decisions together when it concerns both of you.

If you plan a trip or activity together, don’t book anything or take a final decision before you double check with your partner.

This makes sure you both agree!

If you don’t, your partner will feel left out!

Remember that in what concerns your couple you two are the ones making the decisions, not your in laws, friends, exes, boss or business colleagues.

You two are the center of your relationship and the activities you share.

If you rob your partner from the right to decide, you’ll get them very frustrated.

Don’t go that way!

Respect and validate their opinion. If you feel their opinion or view is not valid or would not work, discuss it openly and give some reasons why.

It is okay to disagree and plan events separately if you feel your two visions don’t match.

Most couples see this as a defeat but in fact, it’s a victory!

It is okay to visit friends or plan some activities separately even if you are fully committed and even married.

The fact that you are a couple does not mean you need to do everything together, so be flexible with that.

You apply the “Shared decision making” strategy when the trip or activity involves you both!

Respect this guideline to strengthen you partnership!