Should you let your ex know that you are working on this E-book and MP3 audios? – ARTICLE

My answer?

No way!

You see, this program is part of your “battle” strategy. You must not unveil any of it.

The reason why it works is because these strategies shift the power balance between you and your ex.

They give you this extra “edge” in the break up battle.

Knowing what the problem was is not enough. You still need to develop and strengthen this new more powerful way of standing in a relationship or couple situation.

This is the real skill you want to develop: fully expressing that power when you are with a woman.

You will develop these new skills with any girl you meet.

The fact that you understand the relationship pitfalls does not mean that getting back together will work. It means that if you were meeting a new girl, there are some mistakes that you would not make again.

This is very good news.

Stay focused and stick to the direction you chose. Once you have 100% of your power back, everything falls into place including attracting the right woman for you.

Dare to express your power. You mentally underdstand the power dynamics? Now is time to integrate them and really make them part of you.

To your power!