Stay silent instead of saying something stupid!

It is ok to be silent in a woman’s presence!

A man who can hold his position and full power with no rush and waiting for the right opening is super attractive!

You might do well in the beginning and then jump in way too fast with questions or stories!

That can be overwhelming for your target and perceived as a sign of discomfort.

If you feel destabilized, that’s what she will feel too!

Rushing in too fast can feel like too high energy or too intense!

It is perceived as a lack of presence!

If you stop listening and speak too soon by saying something stupid or inappropriate, it means you can’t stand the positive tension build up!

You might move in a woman’s space way too fast!

At that exact moment, your presence drops and you lose energetic connection with your target!


– Slow down!
– Rebuild!
– Pause!
– Listen to the next energetic opening!
– Stay present!