Stop glorifying your ex! – ARTICLE


Because when you say things like:

  • She was perfect
  • She was the one
  • We were so good together
  • I never met anyone like her
  • Etc

You forget an essential point:


How perfect is that???

Here is another good one:

When you say that you never met anyone like her, my question is:

How many women did you actually meet?

How many women are there on this planet?

Are you sure she is that unique?

She might be unique to you but I can guarantee you that the moment you start searching, you might be amazed of the amount of quality women who are ready to date you.

If you are afraid of not being good enough, then do something about it.

Change what you don’t like!

Build up power!

Become a better person!

When you glorify her, you forget about the dark side, and the hard times.

You forget about a whole part of your story which might have involved pain, frustration, fights, endless tensions and so on.

Besides, puting her down consciously in your mind actually shifts your perception of balance of power between the two of you.

It gives you back trust and confidence.

Yes, absolutely!

Dig in and make a mental list of all her negatives!

In many cases it will make you feel 100 times better + You will realize that she was not that ideal after all…