Thid idea just emerged…

Instead of having just 1 hour morning activations, the whole day could now be geared to energy activations.

8 hours full on!

One practice after the next!

Short breaks!

Short lunch!

Full on activation time!

This is of course the retreat format we already partially experienced before.

It has been in the making since VITAL GATE was launched.

The most we did so far where 3 hours in the morning and the practices were relatively light.

We sustained them for more or less a week with a level of intensity of 20-80% depending on the sessions.

Personally, I have been in these high energy retreat or activation times extensively in the past and present.

I could give you many examples with various formats and the exact impact and breakthroughs these practices had on my life.

I won’t go into details but it is powerful, life changing and it works!

The impact can be spectacular!
Here is what a TANTRIKA TRAINING high intensity day could look like:


1 hour activations
1 hour mantras
1 hour self massage
1 hour sexual activation
1 hour meditation 
1 hour power training
1 hour emotional release
1 hour nature activation


At VITAL GATE we didn’t engage yet into this high intensity training as a tribe.

We have been max at 50% as a vital tribe (mornings only) and individual sessions in the afternoon.

This means that I have been at 100% for 2-4 weeks with group sessions in the mornings and individual sessions in the afternoons.

Participants have been at 50% in this time frame with group sessions in the mornings and 1 hour individual sessions for those who signed up for it.

The practices of “sexual activation” I put in the schedule above is an open field of possibilities.

This is the vital sex aspect and has been centered in energy activation so far, with soft touch or high energy. 

So far, these vital sex sessions involved no genital touch.

They did sometimes involve light nakedness with sensual or healing touch, no penetration, kissing or intercourse.

This format can evolve of course but it does stay a safe, respectful and clear boundaries space at all times.

So far, the practices have been totally light and relaxed, nothing wild.

I now talk about vital sex group sessions so far.

Depending on the targets, individual tantra sessions one on one with me can evolve to more sexual content but that totally depends on your targets.
I posted extensively on vital sex sessions in the past so check out that section on my site.

For our past high intensity 3 hour morning activations, the format and timing has been flexible and worked really well!

Your whole energy as a TANTRIKA could be massively boosted if we engage into full power day activations the way I describe.

For this to happen, we need at least a week of 100% dedication from a small tribe with no distractions during that period.

Minimum would be 5 days Mon-Fri.

Group sessions would take place all day and end in the evening with a relaxing night.

This time, no individual sessions.

That’s full time retreat!

I would call that 100% full vital tribe speed!

Because of the high intensity, we could run this for 1 week, 1 month or 3 months for instance.

In some spiritual training circles like Shaolin monasteries, I bet that the program is ongoing and young monks train for years full time with no distractions.

These are high intensity tantrika training.

It takes the whole idea of what we did so far as a vital tribe and doubles the intensity for targeted periods of time with full commitment to high intensity tantrika training.

To start from where I am now, I would build it up gradually.

One test drive week first, small group of 5.

That would be ideal.

That first week could be at 50% speed with mornings only.

We could as well jump straight to 100% TANTRIKA TRAINING and practice mornings and afternoons.

Food, hosting and all practical details are already in check.

The space and energy are ready to go that way if that’s in alignement with VITAL GATE.

With these practices, the impact on your life is super powerful!

That’s a possible evolution and new developments at VITAL GATE.

Guidance please!

I am listening!