Testing new energy breathing techniques – ARTICLE

In the last few days, I started doing 30 to 50 min sessions with focusing on specific movements and high speed energy breathing.

This is similar to some yogic breathing techniques I used before but I now stretched the practice and did if for longer + added specific positions or movements.

I have now at least a dozen movements I associate with breathing in and out in rhythm.

It is powerful and physically quite demanding.

I can easily do 100 repetitions for one given movement.

The deep breathing requires focus and effort on muscles can be quite strong too.

After three days of testing these techniques, I can feel that something is happening.

It triggers a chain reaction of energy in the body.

Right now, one hour after finishing a 40 min session, I can feel that my life flow is highly energized.

It’s as if my energy system was being stretched or my nadis, or meridians were being pressured and highly activated.

Rather than feeling the muscles as I do after a normal training session, I feel that what is happening definitely impacts my energy or etheric body.

That’s my biofield.

I had similar experiences in the past when practicing tantric sex over long sessions and many days of practice.

What I feel happening is that these exercises mainly target the energy body.

Instead of building up muscles, you build up energy channels and strengthen your biofield.

With muscle building, it is easy to look in a mirror and measure the results of a training session.

You can as well measure your weight, speed or endurance.

You can measure your strength and your overall fitness level.

With these energy techniques, it’s a totally different story because it touches the biofield which is invisible.

Right now, we don’t have tools to measure our electro magnetic vibration, or the quality of our nadis or meridians.

A chinese medicine acupuncturist might have some tests they can run of course but with the tools I have here, my only measuring element is the way I feel and what I experience inside, my energy level, etc.

What I feel for sure is that something deep is going on in my body.

It is far from superficial.

It started lightly and after 3 days of practice, the intensity of this transformation is increasing.

If I had to interpret what is happening, I would say that my energy body is being cleaned, strengthened and transformed the exact same way a muscle is transformed after training.

These experiences are not new to me of course.

When I started practicing yoga when I was 16, the same type of deep transformation process started happening in my energy and mind.

Since then, I have been experiencing with this type of techniques a lot.

I often engaged in specific energy training periods for weeks or months using either breathing sound, physical exercise, mantras, nutrition experiments or many other techniques.

The reason I write this down now is to share it with those who might be experiencing with these techniques too.

I want as well to write down some concepts and strategies that I believe will help you understand and use these techniques in the most effective way.

The impact goes way deeper than a physical or energy shift.

It impacts my consciousness, awareness, my thought patterns, and much more.

How does that happen?

Well, one way to look at it is of course by realizing that anything you do physically will trigger some biochemical reaction in the body and brain.

For instance, we now know that exercising triggers production of serotonin.

This serotonin influences your mood, your level of happiness, right?

Serotonin is just one molecule type but there are of course many more biochemical processes associated with exercise.

Now, imagine that through these breathing techniques, you trigger another set of biochemical reactions.

Dynamic breathing triggers sudden input or high levels of oxygen.

My guess is that oxygen is one of the agents that triggers biochemical reactions.

So, an increase in oxygen could lead to an increase in specific biochemical reactions.

That’s the first level to consider:

The physical biochemical reactions.

The second level to consider is a more subtle one.

When you have a thought or emotion, this thought or emotion is anchored in your biofield.

It means that it leaves an electro magnetic impact or energy impact on your subtle body.

You know as well that when you have a traumatic experience, this energetic mark that is left on your biofield is even stronger.

The same happens with intense joys or pleasure that you can experience.

Now, when you accumulate emotions over years of existence, many of these emotions could disrupt your energy flow and stay stacked in your biofield. They are like blockages of energy that limit the harmonious flow of energy in your meridians or nadis.

These are disturbances or disharmonies.

If you practice regularly energy techniques like yoga, EFT, dynamic breathing, cold showers, or any other energy technique, you will tend to clear the disturbances when they arise.

Now, if you use absolutely no conscious energy technique, a simple walk in nature, a week holiday, healthy food, or great sex for instance can have the same type of impact.

These are energy techniques we use all the time.

We have this renewal powers in us and we use it all the time without even being aware of it.

The point is that negative emotions can often leave a disturbing blue print in your energy field and stay there.

For instance, imagine that you got fired or that your partner left you.

Imagine that someone close to you died or that you had an accident.

All these traumatic experiences can be strong and the mark they leave in your energy can stay there.

It can trigger emotional vulnerabilities, sicknesses or very negative moods without you being aware of why they arise.

So, these dynamic breathing techniques are ways of clearing your energy channels and making sure that disturbances don’t stay hooked on your energy body.

It is like resetting your biofield through an intense cleansing process.

This is why sometimes, people respond strongly to these type of techniques when they are used in a therapeutic way.

You will see strong emotions coming out, tears, laughter, anger, etc.


Because when you release the disturbance in the energy field, this triggers back the emotion.

It sends you back to that experience before the emotion is released.

It’s like burying an object in the ground, digging the soil to find it again before destroying it.

So, when you practice these dynamic breathing techniques, you clear your channels.

The main goal is not to build muscle or stay fit, the goal is to make sure that your energy body is clear and functions at its top potential.

Because you don’t physically see the Nadis or energy channels in us, you can easily forget they are there.

You can even forget that these channels can be strong or weak, that they can be cluttered or clear.

Hatha Yoga practices were always aimed at clearing and strengthening your energy body.

When you take a pose and stretch yourself in that pose using your breathing, you can literally feel energy streaming better through you.

It’s an energetic experience that anyone who practices yoga will feel.

You have as well many more disciplines aimed at clearing and strengthening the energy body.

Chi Qong, Tai Chi and many more martial arts forms have a similar type of purpose.

They allow you to master your CHI!


Life force uses your nadis or meridians to flow through your being.

We know about meridians and I am sure that our energy bodies are way more complex and refined than we can imagine.

They are much more than a vague aura with some nadis.

For instance, realize that every cell and every organ has an energy reflection to it.

This is complex, right?

Then add to this the idea of Chakras and energy forms like Kundalini, Brain waves or Sexual energy and we already go beyond any detailed human energy model we have on this planet.

So far, I didn’t come across any model that describes precisely how all these various aspects of our energy body work together.

How basic life force is turned into sexual energy…

How our energy body really interacts with someone else’s energy body…

What exactly happens to our energy body when we eat a piece of fruit…

As you can see, we have dozens of energy questions and only vague answers to reply to them.

The vagues answers are not scientific measurable facts.

You know why they are not measurable facts?

Because we don’t have the tools to measure them.

It is really that simple.

All we have are our intuition and feelings, some chinese medicine books or tibetan models showing the chakras.

I am simplifying of course but that’s basically it!

If you compare this with the wealth of knowledge accumulated around your physical anatomy, you can see that we enter into a whole new dimension!

Why is there so much knowledge about our physical anatomy and so little about our energy anatomy?

It is actually very simple!

It is because one of the main tools to explore our physical anatomy is something that everyone uses: our eyes!

Our eyes were extended with the use of microscopes and similar tools.

That’s our physical body exploration tools.

Now, when it comes to exploring the energy body and presenting a visual representation of it, we have close to nothing more than our subtle feeling senses or developing tools like kirian photography.

There really isn’t much!

The fact that we don’t have the tools to physically measure or visually represent our energy bodies doesn’t mean that they don’t exist or that they are not complex.

Before we had the tools to listen to and generate radio waves, people were not aware of their existence, right?

Now, we know that we are surrounded by radio waves all the time, that stars are bombarding us with them and that when we tune in with the right frequency and focus, a whole new invisible world unveils right in front of us.

I believe that our energy bodies are very complex and very active all the time and that if we had some tool that allowed us to scan it’s activity we would be blown away by what we would hear!

To be followed over the next 3000 years… (we are only getting started on that one ;))

About the author

Shiva Rajaya

Tantrika / Life coach / Activator of new evolutionary codes for the planet and humankind

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