SANAT KUMARA. The Ancient of Days, who volunteered to come to the earth thousands of years ago from his home on Venus.

At that time, cosmic councils had
decreed the dissolution of the
earth, so great was
mankind’s departure from Cosmic Law. The Solar
had determined that no further opportunity
should be granted humanity, who
had willfully
ignored and forgotten the God Flame within their
The requirement of the Law for the saving
of Terra was that one who
qualified as the
embodied Lamb be present in the physical octave to
the balance and keep the threefold flame of
life for and on behalf of every
living soul. Sanat
Kumara offered to be that one.

In his April
8, 1979, Pearl of Wisdom,
Sanat Kumara told the
story of how Venusian devotees volunteered to

accompany him and embody among mankind to assist
him to keep the flame:
“The joy of opportunity was
mingled with the sorrow that the sense of

separation brings. I had chosen a voluntary exile
upon a dark star. And
though it was destined to be
Freedom’s Star, all knew it would be for me a
dark night of the soul.

“Then all at once from the
valleys and the
mountains there appeared a great gathering of my

children. It was the souls of the hundred and
forty and four thousand
approaching our palace of
light. They spiraled nearer and nearer as twelve

companies singing the song of freedom, of love and
of victory…. As we
watched from the balcony,
Lady Master Venus and I, we saw the thirteenth

company robed in white. It was the royal
priesthood of the Order of

“When all of their numbers had assembled, ring

upon ring upon ring surrounding our home, and
their hymn of praise and
adoration to me was
concluded, their spokesman stood before the
to address us on behalf of the great
multitude. It was the soul of the one
you know and
love today as the Lord of the World, Gautama

“And he addressed us, saying, ‘0 Ancient of Days,
we have
heard of the covenant that God hath made
with thee this day and of thy
commitment to keep
the flame of life until some among earth’s
should be quickened and once again
renew their vow to be bearers of the
flame. 0
Ancient of Days, thou art to us our guru, our very
life, our
God. We will not leave thee comfortless.
We will go with thee.”

Thus they
caine to the earth with Sanat
Kumara and legions
of angels, preceded by another retinue of

lightbearers who pre-pared the way and established
the retreat of
Shamballa-“City of White”-on an
island in the Gobi Sea (now the Gobi
There Sanat Kumara anchored the focus of the
threefold flame,
establishing the initial thread
of contact with all on earth by extending
rays of
light from his heart to their own. And there the
volunteers from
Venus embodied in dense veils of
flesh to see the earth’s evolutions through
the victory of their vow. The first from among
these unascended
lightbearers to respond to the
call of Sanat Kumara from the physical octave
Gautama, and with him was Maitreya. Both pursued
the path of the
Bodhisattva unto Buddhahood,
Gautama finishing the course first and Maitreya

second. Thus the two became Sanat Kumara’s
foremost disciples, the first
ultimately succeed-ing
him in the office of Lord of the World, the second

as Cosmic Christ and Planetary Buddha.