“The awakening” – Any chance of it happening soon? – ARTICLE

That’s what your wife and your loved one’s might be waiting for:

“When will you be back?”

A midlife crisis is a transition.

What is on the other side?

No idea!

It sure could be related with hormonal changes and some form of chemical reaction in the body.

It is vastly accepted that a midlife crisis can last from a few months to a whole decade.

It is more than just an organic reaction.

This readjustment happens on the mind level as well.

When you are in the middle of it, it’s like looking for the solution to a mathematical equation.

You look for a way for your life to stream forward.

When you find it, it is like waking up to a new reality.

Some men describe this as being on the “other side”.

It is like being reborn in a new reality.

It might be the clearing of the storm.

If people around you get impatient and want to know when you will be done with it, simply say that you don’t know.

I believe that your life has its own rhythm associated with much more than a simple organic process.

You have a destiny line!

Your life is an intelligent force which grows and expands in its own unique way.

You feel a call!

You want to respond to it!

It is empowering and it is your right to do so.