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“Next, a ways and means had to be devised whereby the natural children of the Earth and their pledged guardian spirits might be awakened to their own responsibility in creating an aura of Light for their planet to satisfy Cosmic Law, and to allow Sanat Kumara to return to his home star.

Sanat Kumara prepared for this by founding the Great White Brotherhood, a united inner group of Ascended Beings. The service of this spiritual order was to teach interested students Cosmic Law, and eventually draw them into the Brotherhood.

This way they would be prepared to assume, at some future time, responsibilities and positions held by volunteers from other planets.

The Great White Brotherhood is comprised of Ascended Beings who are all specialists along some particular line of spiritual service and endeavor.

Their goal is to set the Earth and its evolutions free.

Members of the Great White Brotherhood live only to serve God.

The first two of Earth’s lifestreams to so respond were Gautama Buddha and Lord Maitreya.

From this small beginning, the Brotherhood has gained in strength and numbers through the

After Sanat Kumara arrived, a priest of the Order of Zarathustra returned to mankind the knowledge of the physical fire.

Previous to the coming of Sanat Kumara there were ages when only three persons held the connection from the Earth to the Divine Realm.

At one time there was only one person. That connection held the Earth in orbit.

So it was that Shamballa was completed in three different time intervals.

Once or twice it was destroyed by cataclysmic action.

One Master said that the final building of Shamballa was recorded in occult literature as having occurred 60,000 years ago.

According to another dictation “remnants of the bridge to White Island may now still be found under the shifting sands of the Gobi Desert”.

The desert was formed as a result of cataclysmic action, whereby the Gobi Sea was changed to a desert.

When the physical buildings of Shamballa were destroyed, an etheric counterpart of Shamballa was created above it.

Sanat Kumara stayed at this Etheric Retreat until 1956, when he was able to return to Venus through the efforts of students of the Light.

These students, through voluntary application of the Law, had increased the Light-Quota of the Earth by constructively qualifying energy.

This way they did create the necessary conditions for Sanat Kumaras return.

Let us ever be grateful to and remember the service given by Sanat Kumara, one of the greatest friends the Earth has ever known.”