The key to plan activities together – ARTICLE

How many times did you try to organize something with your partner and felts that you did not get your message through?

You have a great idea and the end result simply does not reflect at all the original potential of your idea.

A pity, right?

The first step is timing!

You need to speak with him or her the moment they are ready to listen, not before they leave to work, or just after they come back home, or just before they fall asleep.

Ask if it’s a good time!

Make sure that you partner has at least 5 minutes of free space!

Next, share what you have in mind, without being too fixed or directive.

Be specific though!

What exactly do you have in mind?

Give time frame details as well and say when and for how long you see that specific event happening.

We are talking about trips or outings for instance.

Once you shared your ideas, give them space to respond and ad their own thoughts

Be flexible with your plan.

You don’t need to take a decision now.

Simply write down ideas and give each other space to think about it for a couple of days before you come back to it.

Next: shared decision making!

If the trip or activity does involve your partner, don’t book anything before you double check with your partner, otherwise they will feel left out.

What if you disagree?

You can lead one time and let them lead the following event or activity.

Simple, right?

A few keywords to remember:

  • Be specific
  • Flexibility
  • Respect and openness
  • Shared decision making
  • Fun + excitement

Makes sense, right?