The larger picture – Get rid of 80% of the break up pain on this planet – TIP

Positive break up strategies are like memes people transmit to each other.

This is like a positive wave that touches really thousands of people.

It is enough for a few people to “get it” for these mind sets to become new standards.

I want you to realize that the steps you take have a positive impact beyond yourself.

This is a positive wave of transformation that offers new solutions to tackle one key life challenge so many people face.

I am not sure how much you care about that part as you must be focused on rebuilding your own strength now.

I simply wanted to give you a hint and make you realize that there is a bigger picture to what you are doing.

I play my part – You play yours.

This transformation is for the best.

Everyone eventually benefits from these positive changes.

The positive steps you take do impact on others!