The need to conquer – ARTICLE

The need to conquer a territory is a natural human need.

As a guy, you need challenges.

The moment challenges are gone, you miss the fire and intensity.

Suppose you are 35 and you miss excitement and thrill.

It is probably because the targets you used to be focused on are no longer valid.

Suppose you have a family and a decent business.

Things run relatively well for you.

You realize however that you reached most of your life targets.

There seems to be no new territory to conquer.

You need new goals and new life challenges to stay emotionally awake.

You can choose “fake” challenges.

You can choose material goals.

You can decide to wake up your seduction skills or start your own business.

You can as well go into a “deeper” crisis and search for profound meaning to your existence.

This is the inner quest, right?

This inner exploration will usually lead you to understanding better the way your mind and spirit work.

A crisis is always a starting point.

It is the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one.

The real question is: What is truly worth aiming for?

Right now, what is your most significant life target?

Dare to believe in yourself!

Dare to trust you instincts!

Wake up your fighting spirit, and aim for your number one target!