Videos versus Articles – what are people checking the most on my site

Here are some stats:

in the last 30 days

  • Articles – pages views/month = 3249 = 9.14% of overall site traffic (only pages, not pdf of mp3) = 1:39 min/page = 64% bounce rate = 53% exit = 400 different pages checked
  • Videos – pages views/month = 5134 = 15.72% of overall site traffic = 2.29 min/page = 64% bounce rate = 42% exit = 422 pages checked
These are VERY interesting results for many reasons:
  • Traffic and visits to articles and videos is very similar
  • average time on the page is very similar too – this means that people do check the articles – the fact that the time on video pages is longer is logical because most videos take longer to check than articles.
  • The top 10 article represent around 60% of the overall articles traffic
  • the 100th most view article gets only 3 views/month
  • the 100th most view video gets 10 views/month
  • the top video gets viewed 260 times/month – 1% comes from search engines – 99% of these views come from the site
  • one of the top articles gets 80 views/month – 70% of this traffic comes from search engines – 30% from the site
Most of the traffic to videos comes from clicks on the site – only a tiny fraction from search engines
Most of the traffic to articles comes from search engines – only a small fraction comes from the site (I would estimate this site traffic at 20% for articles)
Overall, videos are probably 3x more popular than articles.
This means that when a viewer is offered the choice between a link to the video and a similar link to an article, they will click on the video link twice as much as they click on the article link.
That’s normal videos are more exciting to watch.
BUT! Videos usually don’t score high on search engines – there is little to no text on the page.
where as articles will drive way more traffic from search engines.
Again… Logical!
If I wanted to increase ranking of articles on search engines or ranking of videos a simple idea would be to combine these 2 mediums in one page – for instance, have an article and a related video on the same page – This could bring some search engine juice over time.
But it would take time + there is no guarantee that this would work + there is no real return in terms of sales as both videos and articles are for free and there is nothing to buy on these pages.
The conclusion though is that overall, articles are good for traffic building + they are being checked! on average 3x less than videos
It’s a good idea to keep posting