At this stage, I have 2 core ideas for this – first one, we simply come together as a tribe, connect, have fun, cocreate a life together in a vast social experiment! I feel that I want to share my life with so many of these friends that I love! Instead of going for short term retreats and festivals, would be fun to have a space where we can pose, leave together and have fun! launch events, parties, celebrate, detox, activate, rejoice together instead of everyone being in their own private bungalow spread all over town! I love waking up and having the people I love the most being right there, sharing breakfast, activating and inspiring each other – we could have as well something more structures with daily sessions, for instance, morning activation, or morning session – how much structure we need would be something we cocreate together – short morning meeting every day to check how everyone is doing, get things out of the way, that kind of thing – the spirit is leading the show! – I am only responding to an impulse that I feel many of us are sharing – there is no hierarchy – everyone on the same level – we all pay the same – we create meals together (lots of raw please!!!) – smoke, alcohol an drug free – etc – that’s the first idea.

The second idea is 1, 2 or 3 facilitators – a group of participants – structured training focused on life activation, mastery, the content could be very tantric oriented, sexual, more energetic, life style, nutrition – either a complete life activation plan with 3 or 4 sessions every day including group coaching, evening parties, day trips, break from structure in the week ends – targeted detox, energy, sex activation days – Nothing is fixed at this stage – In this second idea, there is a clear distinction between facilitators and participants – participants come to activate their life and aim for deep profound transformation, heading towards life mastery – each person attending will have their life radically shifted by this event – that’s option 2.

I let really the intuitive flow guide me and feel into it day by day – the first step is really to have a suitable space – the advantage of renting for 6 months, semi permanent is that we don’t need to invest time or energy in infrastructures – no prep – we arrive! – start playing! this is it! – spontaneous free flow! – I like the idea of building up energy for some time in one location, rather than showing up for a festival and having to leave after one week – this moving around takes lots of energy and planning – I want to relax in one space and take the time to go deeper in the practices instead of having to rush away – We keep having insights and transmissions for new practices but rarely have the space to settle and play for longer – you see someone for a day or a few days and then they have to leave – You Shashi for instance – we were in Sweden in the same location for a week – we actually had what? one afternoon together? would be fun to have more than that + that it’s non exclusive with enough space for 10 to 20 people! That would be ideal! That’s what I feel the spirit is guiding us to step into.

And of course, total freedom and spontaneity, trust, go with the flow – what do you think? That’s a question for all of you 🙂 (PS: if you feel like inviting others in the conversation, go for it – I didn’t have a special idea in mind when starting this except for asking for feed back about the houses – I realize now that this conversation is ready to expand.