2 – ACCOM + FOOD – $1000/MONTH – $400/WEEK – We have a budget for food, prepare meals together, etc
3 – ACCOM + FOOD + SESSIONS – $1500/MONTH $600/WEEK – We prepare meals together + all events included

A few words about OPTION 3 – We can have theme weeks on various topics, targeted events, targeted facilitators come in to lead these events, we have as well ongoing sessions, possibility for people to come from outside to attend our events, you enjoy absolutely ALL events happening in the space with nothing extra if you are resident – The way it is developing now could mean that we have targeted weeks one after the other on topics like raw food, tantric massage, ecstatic dance, evening celebrations, week end parties, men’s and women’s circles, sacred sexuality and many more ideas – I know for sure that most of you could actually be lead facilitators on any of these topics – That’s something that will develop – If you have been to the Sanctuary in Koh Phangan for instance, this option 3 would mean to have a whole set of juicy classes, parties, workshops, events ALL INCLUDED in our original payment for our month – Allows us to totally relax and not having to stress up about buying decisions, etc.

Also, the prices I mention are estimates – It will depend on the place, food preferences, events, etc.

This means that we could be rising this whole project to a whole new octave and create now a really powerful sustainable and affordable vibe together in a space able to receive 40 people every day for events and teachings – Some of these spaces can accommodate up to 20 residents – See what this can mean for you as a facilitator? That if the space is available, you are all set to launch your teaching any time – no need to worry about venue, food or anything else – You are ready to go just by being there.

Nothing to build! No work to do, just meals to prepare together! We can focus our full attention on practices, exploration, morning activation sessions, breakfast together, morning workshop, take time to relax, free afternoons, evening celebrations, fun and play!

The goal is to keep things super free and simple and offer us exactly what we need to have the absolute best and deepest possible experience – I am pretty sure that as a tribe we want more or less the same qualities and that the perfect synergy, connection and resonance is achieved the moment we mix the right ingredients in the right proportions.

So, for these 3 first options, what’s your feeling? Would these budgets suit you?

Are these prices sustainable for you?

What option would you like to be part of? Here are these options again:

1 – ACCOM ONLY $500/MONTH – $200/WEEK
2 – ACCOM + FOOD $1000/MONTH – $400/WEEK
3 – ACCOM + FOOD + ALL EVENTS – $1500 – $600/WEEK

(Again, prices are estimates at this stage)

Tell me! Even if you don’t intend to be part of it at this stage! Your feedback is super precious! Post your raw impressions! Thanks! I LOVE YOU!