Here is what comes up!

the first thing is that the branding and name for the event is not clear yet

still checking with my audience to see what works best

is it vital sex, vital force, rajaya tantra, life mastery?

what do you want? I need to know before I make it final

Here are some ideas

It’s life mastery prob, full on energy techniques teaching and activation, the goal is to give you tool and energy that will shift all limiting patterns forever! still checking with my audience how sexual the content will be – could go for branding it as VITAL SEX which is geared towards activating your sexual power or something softer, like vital force

If the response if good, I’ll have 3 facilitators on site with each a different area of expertise – combination of body work, activation, energy techniques, coaching, etc

 at this stage, the idea can go 2 ways: the first concept is 1, 2 or 3 facilitators depending on how many attendees + a group of committed participants with one target in mind: life mastery! – the second concept: we are a tribe of crazy adventurers getting together to explore, play and engage, prepare raw food together, help each other, etc – I have at least 100 people in my network who would be good match to be part of this wild adventure

You see, in the last couple years, I have been attending many events and the format is often the same – you come together, build up this energy base – after 4 days we are there – we enjoy it for another couple days and then we depart if it’s for instance a 7 days event – what if we stay focused and keep on building up, depth, energy, presence, power!! It takes lots of energy to set up an event, fly, get there, etc. – why not aim for something deeper where we engage for a month instead of a week! I don’t know about you but I am so freakin ready to go deeper – the best way to do that is simply to have more time and the commitment of a solid tribe of energy explorers

 I’ll repost this I think – Actually don’t want to expand too much on the concept and mentalize everything – best to come together, start playing and see what happens, right? Love yah!

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