I am really excited!!!

We just ended the first 5 days of energetic activation here at VITAL GATE!

These activations were small group morning cocreated events with breath, movement, sound, meditations and more!

You will experience them when you get here if we are still running them!

Doing any practice here felt straight away like a massive boost of inspiration to the energy and the temple seeds are already planted and blossoming

Feel all inspired after this few days!

The place works really well for small gatherings and bigger social events.
Cozy, fun!
It has been powerful, deep, refined, beautiful!
I look forward to activate more in 2014!
I am preparing the space right now to be able to host visitors and friends here!
8 rooms!

Some of them can be dorm spaces.

Planning to set up cozy chill spaces as well outside where you can sleep in the garden’s fresh air.

In the middle of the rice fields!
I will post some pictures + details about price + practicalities soon.

Still working out the details to have a very affordable win-win price structure.

I will post updates on that soon.

Wifi? Yes! Can be spotty at times and useless when we get heavy rain 😉

Swimming pools nearby but not on this property.

Privacy? Yes!

I will know for sure within the next few days if the house is a good match for renting till June or not.

If it goes, through, we’ll be ready to launch prob Jan 10!

We do have as well few other house options.

Bliss vibes and deep invocations of joy, freedom and bliss for 2014!! Hihaaa!!!