VITAL GATE – Heiiiiiooo! I am looking for a big house to rent!

Heiiiiiooo! I am looking for a big house to rent! – share whatever comes up – – It would be from Jan to June so 6 full months – I want to launch an event and get up to 20 people stay in that place, 10 inside and 10 camping if possible or any other suitable option – It would be great if these spaces fill up but I could as well end up with a smaller group – I feel that the min to run the event is 5 people – ideal stay each person would be 1 month and people would be rotating for this period of 6 months – Concept at this stage – checking possibilities – I need a big deck in front of the house where we can have sessions, privacy, pool would be great – big fully equipped kitchen – wifi – I attended events last year in houses that would be suitable but challenging to research from where I am – I want to be real of course, not get lost in pipe dreams – as it is a first try, need to make sure that house options can work out – under $2000 is cool, more than that would be challenging