This is really what this adventire is about!

Creating deep synergy and connection as tribe!

We build up energy and dissolve disturbances!

Invoke energies and powers to join us until we resonate as one energetic unit dedicated to the planet and humankind!

The target is to create and record new behavior patterns that become ideal behavior patterns in our collective human consciousness.

We need the full guidance and support of forces on the inner levels to create that energetic symbiotic resonance!

Why is the target?

Because this is what has been in progressive preparation!

I have seen how each of the tribale and community experiences over the last couple of years are leading to create this kind of experience.

At the same time, there is no cryztallisation and the space remains free and open!

If the spirit takes this adventire in totally different direction, that’s perfectly ok!

I am in a state of non attachment and this is not my agenda!

It is simply something that I feel and I am directed to voice to set up a possible vision and intention.

I do have the feeling that right now, group resonance or tribal activation are the exact type of experiences this stream of energy, this force and spirit are taking us.

I look forward to be activated as a tribe!

Help us! Guide us! We need you!