This idea is to launch 5, 7, 10 or 30 days challenges focused on one specific target.

The core is to do it in our location

Focused on one specific target

Could be raw food challenge, sexual fitness, sensual awakening, breath of fire, etc.

Many possible topics.

I can totally see us having week themes or retreat like focus.

Doing it for 5 days

2 days break in the week end

Start again the following week on another theme.

It can be topics like mind mastery, energetic awakening, emotional freedom, etc.

The idea is to start in our energy temple and allow people to come and train from the outside.

And as well, to send the message out through videos and broadcast to the whole world.

That will give direction and focus to this VITAL GATE ACTIVATION.

It can be a focused program in the mornings 7-12 or 8-12 and free afternoons or something higher energy with scheduled practices afternoons and evenings as well!

What’s the best model and structure to make that happen?

Spirits! Help! Ideas! Directions! Please!!! 🙂