VITAL GATE – Whaou! Momentum, energy and inspiration are building up fast now!

Having all these chats and energetic connections with all sorts of people I never met! – Looks like we are into something

There is a secret thread I launched about it – Want to be included in that one? let me know, ok? I’ll add you.
All we need now is a big place! Interest is building up fast and for some months I have already close to 15 people wanting to be part of this activation – Looks like we’ll need a very big house or a whole retreat center!! – Let’s keep our fingers crossed and be guided by the spirit so that doors open up to us – We are in negotiation right now for a few options that could be a good match – I’ll know more about this soon!
Might be time to start a group on facebook to keep track of ideas and feed back – What do you think? Is it needed?