Shiva Rajaya | 38 pages
Unleash the sacred codes of your sexual freedom

Train your sexual energy

We face a big challenge as a human race!

It’s called sex!

For the last thousands of years, we have been building planetary trauma around the energy of sex.

For instance if I say the word “sex” right now, you will have a chain reaction of emotions, feelings and thoughts.

What do these impressions tell you?

What’s the story behind them?

Look at them, listen to them, watch them on the screen of your mind and tell me what you feel about them.

Are these harmonious, joyous impressions?

Are they good memories?

Are there any anxieties or fears associated with them?

Is any trauma associated with them?

Do they trigger a feeling of space and freedom?


You could explore the landscape of your sexual experiences and draw a very precise picture of what your sex life feels like.

My next question is:

What is your level of mastery of your sex life and sexual energy?

Give yourself a mark 0%- 100%

The target is to master your sexual energy and your sex life.

It is to be able to play with these forces at will.

To direct them and trigger them in whatever way you want.

It is to be able to connect in harmonious ways with your lover.

It is to be able to play with your sexual energy.

It is to use your sexual energy to expand your consciousness, pleasure and energy.

Basically it is to fully own your sexual power.

The question is how do you go from a sense of sexual mastery of x% to 100%?

The answer is simple:

You train your sexual energy!

You open these channels, you free them, you clear the way, you activate them.

If you go to the gym and decide to train, it takes maybe 3 months of weekly sessions to get back in shape.

With sex, it is the same.

If you train your sexual energy through very specific practices, within a few months, you can reach a level of sexual satisfaction which goes way higher than what you might experience now.

The aim is not just better orgasm or greater sex life!

It is energetic freedom, expansion of consciousness and total unity with the planet and humankind.

You can use sexual energy to open new channels of life force in your being.

If you sing devotional songs, you get mystical experiences, right?

If you use your sexual energy with universal intention, you get bliss, freedom or life vision!

Life vision! You understand and clearly see the dynamics of existence!

You see the forces at play behind the veils of manifestation.

You enter into cosmic consciousness!

Sexual mastery

The way I see it, sexual mastery = mastery of your sexual energy.

You can define it whatever way you want of course.

For some sexual mastery means being able to trigger incredible orgasms in your partner, have total ejaculation control, be able to engage in hours of dynamic sex play or know dozens of complex sexual postures.

These are all ok.

I simply want to open a space and look at sexual energy as a fire you want to master, tame and activate at will.

Imagine this source of unlimited power and energy flowing through your system.

Imagine that you really own it, feel it, master it.

This is one of the core targets of Vital Sex.

It is to be able to play, activate and direct this energy at will.

Body activation

The body has 2 main layers.

The first layer is what you see.

It is the physical matter.

The second layer is the energy layer.

This is the same as etheric body, biofield, aura or energy body.

It is the electro magnetic vibration that permeates us.

It is way more complex than anything we can really conceive.

Chinese medicine taps in the energy body when it activates the meridians.

When you massage or tap on pressure points, you activate this same energy body.

Your energetic anatomy is way more complex than anything you have read or experienced.

We have very few tools to explore or describe it.

It is way more than a vague cloud of energy.

Each cell in your body has its energetic reflection.

Each thought or emotion you have is reverberated throughout your energy body triggering subtle changes in it.

The air you take in when you breathe or the food you eat deeply impact on this subtle aspect of your being.

If someone gets angry or loving with you, you feel the energetic impact throughout your being.

Each life experience is stored in subtle blueprints in your energy body.

Each disharmony in your physical body has a reflection in your energy body.

And each disturbance in your energy body might reflect as physical pain, discomfort or sickness.

Equally, if you have a sudden feeling of joy, it is the sign that something as been cleared energetically.

If you laugh or cry, the emotional release triggers a flow of subtle energy in your being or maybe it is the other way round… The energetic flow triggers laughter or tears.

Emotions, thoughts, feelings, energy, body impressions are all intimately interconnected.

With vital sex we focus on our energy body.

We activate a fresh flow of energy in the biofield because when we do, we feel alive, free and awake!!!

We use sexual energy as a source of life force.

We can use many other techniques like sound work, movement breathing, creative expression, dance, study, compassionate action and so much more.

We have dozens of possible pathways to access freedom and unity!

With vital sex, we simply decide to focus on sexual energy.

We do that because sexual energy is an unlimited source of life force which is underused and often blocked on an individual and planetary level.

The goal is to activate this energy to create freedom and space and  give us our full potential as a human race.

Sexual energy techniques

Energy techniques are the core of what we do with vital sex.

We use movement, sound, breathing and a vast variety of ritualistic actions.

You can practice most of these techniques with various levels of intimacy and sexual connection.

You can practice these techniques with or without sensuality or intimacy.

You can approach a vital sex session exactly the same way you approach a yoga or fitness class.

You can practice vital sex by yourself as a couple or as a group.

Let me give you an example.

Start breathing faster.

Now breathe as fast as you can in and out through your nose.

Keep breathing fast, stand up and let your body go with the flow of your dynamic breathing. You might for instance move your arms and slightly bend your knees rhythmically with the flow of your breathing.

That’s it! You have an energy technique.

Now, imagine that you have a lover.

You are standing, holding and strongly embracing each other while you keep breathing dynamically together.

Your breathing is synchronized.

You could stop here or imagine the same practice naked.

You can take this one step further and use the same breathing technique while you have intercourse.

You see?

You can develop these techniques with various levels of intimacy, sensuality and connection.

It doesn’t need to get intimate but it can if you want to.


I use the Sanskrit word kamasana for sexual energy technique.

Kama = pleasure, sex, desire

Asana = posture

These are cyclic movements combined with breathing which have a sexual connotation to them.

They are some of the core practices to engage into with vital sex.

You have standing, sitting, kneeling or laying positions.

You can ad all sorts of variations and play in a very creative space with them.

The target stays to activate the energetic exchange in the couple and you can of course focus on more targeted sexual stimulation as well.

You can practice these techniques by yourself as a couple or even as a connected group.

Vital sex is not a fixed set of rules and techniques.

I don’t want to limit it!

You have many systems and tradition out there which are totally crystallized.

The way I am designing vital sex is without limit and totally open for innovation.

I love freedom! 

I love the space you are in when you can play, improvise, invent, let your imagination guide you.

I want vital sex to be an open flow of creativity that you reinvent in your own way.

What I give you here are core concepts and techniques so that you can start playing.

And it is really up to you to reinvent all that in your own way.

That’s perfectly ok with me and I even encourage you to do so.

Yes! Unleash your creative power and find new ways of using these techniques.

This is how vital sex evolves!

It is not fixed or crystallized.

You can play with kamasanas for as long as you want.

For instance if you only have time for a quick vital sex session, you can activate each position for a minute and have a 5 min dynamic vital sex energy break.

If you have more time, you can stretch a given kamasana and practice it for a few minutes.

You could even enter in one of these dynamic postures and practice it for an hour if you want to.

If you don’t know where to start and you have time and energy, 5 min per kamasana is a good place to start.

If you have 9 variations, this gives you a 45 min vital sex session which is perfect.

When you engage in a vital sex session, it might be easier if one person takes the lead and the other follows.

For instance you decide which kamasana, in what order and for how long and invite your partner to follow you in these practices.

Kamasanas are only some of the practices you can engage into with vital sex.

You have all sorts of play approaches you can tap into.

You can focus on more sensual approaches, kissing sessions, lingam or yoni massage, sacred spot massage, dynamic passionate sex, whole body massage, clitoris stimulation and much more.

You see, dozen of variations and possibilities.

The reason I might focus on kamasanas a bit more in my vital sex sessions is because these are new.

Vital sex or kama yama is a new system connected with the Rajaya Tantra lineage that I just initiated a few months ago in the spring of 2012.

This is all new! 

It’s all being manifested right now and I just happen to be the vehicle for this transmission.

The word kamasana seems to embody the spirit of these dynamic techniques.

This is how it came to me.

Same with the expression Kama Yama which stands for sex discipline, mastery or control.

I really want to honor here the forces that are inspiring me.

This is not a system I am making up by myself.

I feel clear sponsoring energies guiding and empowering me in transmitting these techniques.

I know exactly what these sponsoring energies are, how they function, inspire and where they come from.

I am in service all the way.

The target is to be more harmonized, powerful, beautiful and awake as individuals and as a human race.

That’s the idea!

For instance when I wake up in the morning and I suddenly feel this word kamayama in my mind, it’s like an energy code being given to me.

I never saw or heard this word before but some days earlier, I discovered and started activating the word yama for discipline, control or mastery.

I have been using as well the word kama (sex, pleasure, desire) for a few months as well

After a few days invoking the energy of yama, the words kama and yama naturally seem to synchronize and merge in my mind.

This is a bit like the sudden inspiration you would have if you’re an artist and decide to create a new painting.

You have a vision or an insight.

I am creating a new path or a new lineage with the help of invisible inner forces I aligned myself with.

This is the result of 30 years of spiritual exploration and training.

My mind is attuned and I get now clear insights and directions concerning what I need to manifest.

I wanted to share with you these ideas so that you get some insights on how the Rajaya Tantra system is manifesting right now.

It’s an evolving spiritual adventure!

So, back to kamasanas.

I might ad in the future videos and pictures so that you have  clear demonstration of how these techniques work.

For now, I will transmit them live within playshop events.

Emotional release

When you activate your energy body you release blocked emotions.

You create space!

You create freedom and your energy starts flowing.

You create clear channels by training these skills.

The ability to stay in a clear energy space is a skill or a “muscle” that you train exactly the way you train your body.

When your energy body is trained, you get more bliss, joy, power and happiness out of life.

Your mind stays clearer and you’re healthier.

Each time you have an experience, it leaves a blue print on your energy body.

If this experience is traumatic, the impact will be stronger and deeply anchored in your energy body.

This means that feelings concerning that experience will be recalled whenever that memory is triggered.

Suppose that you had a fight with a given partner in a park close to where you live.

Each time you go back to the park, the memory of the fight is triggered and you relive the same set of fight emotions again.

If you want to be free from these challenging emotions, the disturbances associated with them, which are still anchored in your energy field, need to be released.

To release these disturbances, you practice energy techniques.

You build up your inner flow of life force and in this fresh stream of energy, unsolved emotions are released.

If you practice energy techniques a lot, you stay emotionally free most of the time.

You can quantify your level of emotional freedom by giving yourself a mark 0-100%.

0% is totally hooked in negative mind sets all the time.

100% is totally free and happy all the time.

The goal is to score in the 80-100% range and have a happy, free and fulfilling life.

If you already score high, you can optimize your energy and start refining your life tactics until you gain full mastery at 100% emotional freedom.

Each of the techniques I teach can be practiced for months or years without really coming to an end of it.

It’s like any other skill in life!

You can take a yoga pose and refine if for years. You can build up sequences of movements and head for absolute perfection.

You can do the same with anything you touch in life.

Full mastery takes dedication, focus and practice.

How much discipline do you need to succeed?

In my experience it’s 80% flow and fun – 20% discipline.

You need some focus and consistency especially in the beginning and once you have this discipline in place, the flow and fun you experience in the practice takes over.

Opening up your energy body is like playing music.

It’s creative, diverse and inspiring.

In the beginning you mainly train a given set of practices.

It’s like training the basic chords.

And very soon, as you ad variation and new techniques, you develop a set of tools that allows you to diversify, ad spontaneous variations and be freely creative in the process.

What is sexual freedom?

The way I see it, sexual freedom means that your sexual energy is activated and flowing freely.

Usually, the expression is associated with having multiple partners and being sexually really open.

Again, let’s put this back within an inner energy context.

Sexual freedom means that your sexual energy is not blocked, constricted or limited.

It means that you can use it at will and that you have an unlimited reserve of it, ready to be activated if needed.

Sexual energy = Life force

If your sexual energy is flowing and activated, it does free your mind and creates pleasure and life juice.

You are awake!

Now, you might as well need to put this sexual energy within a system that will serve you with your life.

For instance if your target is to protect your couple and an open relationship is not an option, you might destroy what you care for the most, your family, by having a one night stand with a total stranger.

Are you the master of your sexual energy or are you enslaved by desires that dominate you.

See, that’s another way of looking at it.

You can unleash your sexual power and still give clear direction to your desires.

When passion is used alone, it can be very destructive or go in circles.

You heard that before: use your head and your heart.

Use passion in synergy with reason.

Reason is what keeps your helm steady.

Passion is the wind in your sails.

Yes, you might have heard that before, remember where?

This is a wise way of using your sexual power.

Put it in service to your life targets and let this sexual energy serve you rather than destroy you!

It is a new power you could unleash in your life!

It is instinctual! It is animal in essence!

Tame it!

Pleasure mastery

Pleasure is good!

All the shame or guilt surrounding sex needs to go!

We are ready for a deep upgrade on this topic on a planetary level!

Before we get there, we have to start on ourselves with small steps.

Think pleasure!

Think sex!

What images come your way?

What feelings?

What emotions?

Write them down.

Your answers describe your energetic landscape around sex.

How sexually free are you?

By sexually free, I mean how free is your sexual energy?

Again, give yourself a mark 0-100%

The goal is to score in the 80-100% range.

80% is good.

100% is perfect.

Pleasure triggers a flow of biochemicals in your brain that keeps you happy.

A fulfilling sex life is one of the essential keys to an energetic life.

Suppression tactics concerning sex often lead to weird outcomes.

For instance on a wide scale, all the shame surrounding sex leads to a productive flow of porn all over the net.

There is a sexual need and because this need is widely suppressed, it becomes this weird porn expression.

The target is to reclaim and own your pleasure and sexual energy and be able to use it in whatever way you want.

The target is sexual mastery or mastery of your sexual energy.

This can mean fulfilling sexual experiences but it can as well be expressed in a whole new range of possibilities.

In the vital sex techniques I suggest, you can train your sexual energy even without intercourse, sexual stimulation or intimacy.

In this way you can for instance have a “fulfilling sex life” or fulfilling expression of your sexual energy in whole new ways.

Keep in mind that the target is to totally free your sexual energy and remove any disturbances obstructing the free flow of life force.

Safe play

Sex can be challenging for many.

It must be a safe space for the vital sex experience to be optimized.

The key word is RESPECT!

You must check before engaging in any form of practice, never use emotional threat or pressure, respect a “no, thank you” sign.

These guidelines are essential for both men and women.

Respect your body as well.

No need to push your limits or betray your boundaries.

A yes means nothing if you can’t say no.

You can take any energy or sex technique as far as you want and always do that consciously.

The best way to go is to take small steps.

Check with your partner, your body, your feelings, intuition and if all is good, you can move further.

Some of the challenges you might face are emotional. Some others might be physical.

Treat others as you would like to be treated.

Consciousness expansion

Vital sex goes way further than aiming for better orgasms or more pleasure.

The deep target of these practices is expansion of consciousness, mastery of your life force, bliss, freedom!

Deepening of sexual pleasure might be part of your story or not.

You might play with practices that involve absolutely no sexual stimulation and remain purely energetic with even no physical touch at all.

You might trigger flows of ecstatic orgasmic sensations just through a breathing or sound technique.

Once you expand your energetic potential, all sorts of impressions hit you! You might be flooded by unlimited bliss, laughter or tears.

The moment you remove blockages your chakras get hit by an overflow of energy.

This overflow can activate your throat, creative center and give you visions and inspiration and unleash your creative power.

Your third eye gets activated and you see the dynamics of life, understand the cause and effect behind any action, see life as it is and totally get your destiny.

These are pure mystical experiences that get triggered when your sexual energy flows freely.

As your heart chakra gets activated, you might feel explosions of joy and love emanating from the core of your being! You might feel the intense desire to hug everyone or merge with the whole planet.

When you crown chakra gets hit, you experience sensations of ultimate power! You feel the authority to design your life exactly the way you want.

When your root chakra at the base of your spine gets activated, it’s your animal instinct, your power of survival your fearless drive that wakes up and empowers you.

Bliss is a very magical energetic state.

I am describing some possible aspects of your experience. 

What you might get is a merging of various aspects of all that.

These are just examples!

Expect nothing!

Bliss!!! That’s what you are aiming for.

Clear the way

Create space!

Any undigested emotions stacked in your system can hold you back.

This is why releasing these emotions through energy techniques triggers this unlimited flow of energy.

It’s the architecture of your mind that holds and blocks the free flow of energy.

Your mind is a positive tool.

You don’t want to destroy it!

On the contrary, you want to use it, align it, synergize it!

Your mind is your best ally.

You train to free energy and in the process you unleash a whole new way of being.

You tap in your universal identity!

You trigger cosmic sensations that take you to a whole new dimension of life.

I am substance free! Alcohol free! I use raw foods and super foods to optimize my body.

The subtle refinement that you trigger in your being rearranges your mind and restructures your thoughts.

The new waves of energy you unleash are intelligent!

Life force is more than a static electromagnetic vibration.

We talk about intelligent, conscious energy!

This is your spirit!

It is the flow of your being expanding in you!

It is your Shakti power! Your Shekinah! Your Spirit! Your life force!

This is the highest game you can play in life!

Life mastery! Your destiny! Your flow! Your game!

Everything you do is aimed at the same target!

Entering in a state of cosmic bliss while keeping your two feet firmly grounded on this gorgeous planet!

The goal is not to escape! The goal is to serve!

It is to be an agent of transformation, unleashing your powers to help creation and humankind!

We are one human race!

We are one family ready to boost our unlimited potential!

You are an agent of transformation ready to impact life with your bliss!

You are guided in the right direction! 

See the path to action and manifestation!

Everything you do is synchronized and aligned with a plan which is way vaster than yourself!

You are a cosmic being sending waves of bliss in all directions. 

You are like a sun, radiating your energy in all directions, having a profound transforming impact on those you meet!

Your being is a gift to humankind!

You bring bliss and beauty wherever you are!

You see, understand, connect, unite!

You are an agent of transformation!

You are a catalyst who has the power to shift reality in and around you!

Mastering your sexual energy is part of this experience!

Universal synergy

Your life stream is part of a much vaster planetary stream.

Each human being is a flame in a stream of manifestation which is expressed through the lives of every single human being.

Next to human beings, we have animals and plants.

Your life expression is part of a much vaster stream of manifestation.

The ideas you get, the actions you take, every emotion you feel are all part of a stream of human expression.

Are your actions aligned with that stream?

Are they working in synchronicity with this vaster fire of manifestation?

If millions of people were doing what you are doing what would be the impact on the planet and humankind?

Would it be a bad thing or a good thing?

These are the type of questions you can ask yourself.

What is your role on this planet?

What does the universe want from you?

What is your highest potential?

Are you manifesting it?

Are you going towards it?

What is still missing to make you a complete master of existence?

What are you really looking for?

Spend a day answering these questions!

Dive in them!

This is soul searching and you already have all answers in you!

Tune in! 

Get clarity! 

Clear the way! 



The planet wants you! 

Humankind needs you! 

I want you to manifest your full unlimited potential!

Gateways to freedom

Freedom is what you get when you totally clear the way.

Where is your shadow side.?When you free the channels of your sexual energy, you trigger unlimited freedom in all aspects of your life.

Sexual energy is a power you can unleash and use to open and protect this freedom.

Sexual energy is here to free you!

This is the aim of these practices! 

It is to open your channels of life force and increase the flow of energy, power and bliss in your being.

In this stream, negative and locked emotions are removed.

Your mind gets clarified.

Your relationships harmonized.

You enter in a whole new era in your existence because you stand in a whole new ground.

You cultivate that space by activating this stream through frequent practice.

Vital sex is synergized by similar activities that lead to the same type of blissful results.

Vital sex goes very well with raw food, yoga, martial arts, artistic expression, dance and movement, harmonious relationships, and all sorts of daily energy building approaches.

It unleashes your creative power by activating your imagination and freeing lots of energy in you.

Simplify your existence! 

Take action to optimize the way you live and use the juice you create in vital sex to manifest a frictionless stream of energetic bliss!

Kama Yama

Kama is pleasure, sex or sexual energy.

Yama is discipline, control or mastery.

Kama Yama is Sexual Mastery or mastery of your sexual energy.

A simple direct way to invoke and strengthen vital sex in you is to use this mantra.

Here is Kama Yama is Sanskrit calligraphy:

You can use the calligraphy or Kama Yama mantra in many ways.

First you can learn the calligraphy in its Sanskrit form and write it as many times as you want.

Repeat this practice daily!

This mantra is a code!

It is a gateway!

When you use these words you invoke this specific quality in your life.

Your mind starts working on it.

Your thoughts and emotions get aligned with it.

It triggers the right meetings with the right people, guides you to find the right information.

In other terms it aligns your being with the Kama Yama stream.

Kama Yama is equivalent to Vital Sex.

But the Sanskrit words kama and yama trigger mind sets which go way back hundreds or thousands of years when these codes were designed in human consciousness.

Sanskrit is a powerful tool for invoking specific energies.

What you receive here is an initiation! 

It is an invitation to tap into a whole new set of skills and possibilities.

In my experience it takes 1 to 3 months of daily practice to start unleashing the full power of this mantra.

After months of practice and invocation of this mantra, the powers associated with it get unleashed in your mind and in your life.

Another method is to use the words Kama Yama by saying them or pronouncing them internally.

You can focus on your third eye chakra, in the middle of your forehead and repeat them while holding your focus on that part of the body.

You can as well repeat them out loud in a rhythmic way.

You can create a melody or sing these words while taking a shower or jogging for instance.

Your spirit understands your intention and starts working on it as soon as you take that step.

This mantra is a call. It is a code aimed at unleashing a very specific stream of consciousness.

You can’t get it wrong!

Remember that as soon as you use it, you communicate with forces that are intelligent and conscious.

Think of intelligence not in a human like form but more as a network of spiritual or angelic energies that get triggered as soon as you activate them.

Kama Yama is one of many life powers I use and diving in these techniques is a profound and revealing exploration by itself.

Don’t underestimate the power of this technique.

It unleashes a whole new flow of energy as soon as you start using it.

It is like dialing in the source of cosmic sexual energy and aligning yourself with it.

This is a profound power! Use it wisely!

Take responsibility

What I am sharing here is my essence!

I have been on this quest and exploration for 30 years and what I give you here is the nectar of the most fantastic life secrets that were unveiled to me.

Once I give it to you, I release control over it.

It’s yours!

You take full responsibility for what you do with it.

If you want to use them, keep them for yourself or give them to others, it is really up to you.

I trust you!

I have no personal agenda!

My only task here is to be a channel and give you what was given to me.

I am in service to forces that are way vaster than myself.

The power of kama yama is profound and intelligent.

It will naturally guide you in the right direction and help you make the right choices, empower your being and energize your mind.

I welcome you with my whole being in this space of bliss and unlimited potential!

I love you!

Rajaya Tantra

Rajaya Tantra is a new lineage of tantra and yoga!

I initiated it in the spring of 2012 in a high Himalayan valley!

Vital sex is one essential aspect of Rajaya Tantra.

Rajaya stands for victorious fire.

Tantra means teaching.

A vast stream of energy is ready to sponsor your life.

This stream is in service to the planet and humankind.

You can tune into this system and get in touch with me any time to get a fresh boost of energy and techniques to optimize your existence!

I am here to serve you!

These streams of energetic power will work for you best when you align yourself with the vaster planetary purpose.

See it inside.

The plan is already designed in our collective human consciousness.

Close your eyes!

Ask for help! Ask for guidance!

You are being watched!


Get in touch

I am passionate about what I do.

I love teaching, transmitting, empowering, broadcasting!

If you feel triggered by what you read in this book, attended one or my workshop or are simply curious, here is what you can do next: 


I am visiting friends and clients all over the world, leading events, creating courses, coaching one on one via video chats or in person.

If you feel we are a good match for any of these or if you have any questions, get in touch.

Talk soon!