Wait for him to take steps too! – ARTICLE

It is really that simple!

If you are the one initiating contact systematically, that’s not a good sign!

It’s exhausting!

You can take initiative and then step back to give him space to respond.

No need to go to the other extreme or complicate things either.

If you believe that playing hard to get is sexy, well, ask your male friends.

Here is what they will say:


That’s the other extreme.

Playing hard to get can be fun if it is playful!

Don’t use that much.

Don’t cancel or reschedule dates unless there is a good reason to.

In other terms, make it easy to date you, not complicate.

I say these things here so that you don’t fall into the other extreme and overdo it.

If a guy DOES invest his time and energy in you, you CAN progress with the relationship.

You don’t have to put your life behind walls.

You CAN open up, simply don’t do it too fast.

Wait for him to take some steps too!

That’s all!