Wake up! See what’s real and what’s dream – ARTICLE

You simply envision all possibilities, not just the positive ones.

Once you have all these possibilities in mind, you develop a strategy for all of them.

For instance, if he doesn’t call you back, what do you do?

This happens all the time in the dating game!

What if he is really bad in bed?

What if he is still married and lied to you?

What if he forgot to mention he is about to leave for a year on Monday?

You need a strategy for every situation to feel safe.

Now, the good news is that you have a similar strategic solution for almost all the challenges you can face with a man.

Here is what I feel works best:

Take small steps at a time!

It is really that simple:

If you emotionally commit to a guy too early, you invest too much too fast.

Take this metaphor:

Imagine that a new potential relationship is like a ship.

You have a million dollars emotional capital to invest in your love life.

You put the totality of your investment in this new ship.

You start sailing.

The ship sinks because the guy never contacts you again.

What happened?

Your emotional capital is gone!

All of it!

What if instead of investing the totality of your love capital in one guy, you only invest a tiny fraction of it?

You invest something you could easily lose without getting hurt.

If the guy disappears you are safe.

I believe that’s the way it works!


What does it mean to invest a little at a time in real life?

Here is an example:

After that first meeting, you can send that guy 15 text messages in 2 days.

That’s investing a lot and taking the risk of getting hurt if he doesn’t respond.


You can send that guy a one time text message 5 days later inviting him to a party you are supposed to go to anyway.

That’s a small investment.

If he doesn’t show up, you party as usual.

If he comes, great! Even better!

The point is that if he doesn’t show up, you are emotionally safe!

Of course, you might get a bit disappointed but you are at a party surrounded by dozens of attractive guys…

Not a big deal!

You can easily bounce back and start flirting again on the spot.