What exactly is flirting? – ARTICLE

Flirting is a playful exchange of love and energy.

When you flirt, you connect.

You establish complicity.

You recognize in the man you flirt with an essence you want to connect to.

This is the essence of love.

It is the desire to merge with a life force you recognize in the other being.

This is why flirting is such an uplifting experience.

When you flirt, you open up.

Flirting is totally about loving men and enjoying their company.

There are two main ways you can relate to a man:

  • The first one is competitive
  • The second one is collaborative

When you establish complicity, you create a collaborative link.

Basically, you join forces to create a special moment.

Another word for complicity is synergy.

Synergy is the art of synchronizing your energy.

You stand together on a common ground.

This common ground means that there is some form of recognition between you and a man.

This is powerful!

It is the opening of a door between two beings.

It can stay light or grow into something deeper.

The important is that flirting rises from a desire to connect.

You recognize in a man an essence you want to connect with.

I know these are big words, but it is essential before you start flirting to understand the underlying dynamics of flirting.

Flirting is a gift you give to each other.

It rises from the desire to share.