What is your emotional foundation?

What is your emotional foundation?

Emotional foundation? Have you heard that term before?

It is your core system of energies, your beliefs, what you have in the middle of your mind and gives you an inner structure, an energy base.

Part of this emotional foundation is formless. It can be your connection with nature for instance.

It can be a connection with a property or a land. It can be a connection with a person. It can be a diploma, a community.

Another aspect of your emotional foundation are your thoughts, beliefs, ideas, thinking patterns, etc.

As you can see, many element can play a role, strengthen and empower your emotional body.

Intuitively you can perceive what is behind that term.

You might realize as well that sometimes you feel emotionally very sensitive or vulnerable.

Sometimes, you simply feel great, powerful, in harmony, balanced and free.

What state do you prefer?

What are the key elements which create your emotional foundation?

A strong emotional foundation is of course more conductive to happiness.

The key question is: what can you do about it? Suppose you feel too vulnerable, what can you do about it?

Do you feel that sometimes your thoughts and emotions are sabotaging your chances of success?

Is a negative past experience keeping you from fully enjoying life?

Is your mind super conductive or is it slowed down by irrational fears and invisible doubts?

Again what can be done about it? The solutions or techniques are endless: Therapies and healing techniques, spiritual directions, mind power, NLP, positive psychology, mind machines, yoga, personal development, self growth, coaching… Did I forget anyone?

There is lots! In fact, it’s simply overwhelming! It’s a bit like sitting at travel’s agent’s and having to decide on the spot for the right destination.

In my opinion, everything works to a certain extent. Every one of these techniques or approaches has something to offer which can empower your emotional foundation.

Hang on a second… Empowering your emotional foundation is not about stopping to cry or stepping out of depression. These are “extreme cases” in a sense. Emotional foundation concerns anyone. It’s simply the art of establishing key and empowering forces and frames in the core of your mind.

The truth is that your “mind vehicle” probably functions okay. It’s often only when you come in a situation of crisis that you decide to do something about it. Crisis situations are often the moment you decide to find out more about your mind and the way it functions.

Part of the goal of coaching is to empower your emotional foundation and give you back strength and tools to simply have greater life satisfaction.

The strengthening of your emotional foundation is a build up work which is done consciously, identifying gaps and positive points.

Imagine yourself going to the gym. What you do is building up your fluidity, energizing your body and sometimes building up muscle and power as well.

Where do you train your mind? Where do you train and empower your emotional foundation?