Which sales page converts best? why? – cheating for men sales page

on the cheating for men ebook, I had an old sales page:


that I just changed to that:


 this last one is the new sales page that I did set up for my collection of ebooks and some audios programs.

 I want to know what sales page works best and why. the page and selling structure on both pages is totally different and I need to know what works best and why.

 old sales page:

  • table of contents on the right
  • no test drive or sample
  • video on top
  • no detailed navigation
  • 1 option – no access everything option
  • selling shout outs and calls for action
on new page:
  • no table of contents on right
  • sample
  • paperback, kindle and nook options
  • author and download link
  • video lower
  • access everything option
  • no selling style, shout outs or calls for action
my questions are simple:
  • Is anything missing in the new sales page?
  • Which sales page performs better? why?
  • Or do they simply perform equally?
here are the indications I have so far:
for the new sales pages:
4 sales + 4 access everything in a 18 days.
Right now, this could represent about 5-10 sales/month for the ebooks and 5-10 sales/month for the access everything.
this means that sales are coming in for these new sales page but because I have so many sales pages and no exact stat of how much traffic goes to these pages, I have no conversion rate.
here is an estimation though.
I have about 50 ebooks published on my site.
when I check some pages, I see an average of maybe 15 hits/page/month.
that’s 750 hits/month.
5 sales = 0.7% conversion rate
10 sales = 1.3% conversion rate 15 sales (including access everything sales) = 2% conversion rate if in these
15 sales, I count 5 access everything sales, this represents an income of roughly $700

 That’s roughly $1/hit on these pages – this is related with the fact that some of these sales are $99 sales instead of just $19 sales.

that’s for the new pages and it’s only a very rough estimation.
for the old sales pages: I have 48 sales from april 2009 – august 2011 (40 months) that’s 1.2 sales/month

 In that period, I got 3000 hits – so that’s 1 sale for 62 hits – this makes 1.6% conversion rate.
 that’s roughly $0.05/hit in other terms, each time someone visits that sales page, I earn roughly $0.05

 This is within the same range.

 Also I only counted ebook sales but not access everything sales which would add income and potentially double the conversion.

 If we check variations in factors like traffic sources and quality (for instance hits to the old cheating for men sales page could come from youtube which is high converting traffic) we realize that it’s difficult to simply compare these 2 sales pages.



 the element that potentially makes a huge difference in my income is the fact that I do have the $99 access everything option on these pages.

 That’s the real boosting factor. Some other elements might influence the conversion rate. what is clear is that the structure of the old page worked really well.

 However I don’t have a final word on which one of these 2 sales structures converts best or why? Are the detailed elements I mentioned earlier like:

  • table of contents on the right or not
  • sample or not
  • video position
  • video or not
  • detailed navigation on top or not
  • selling shout outs and calls for action or not
  • kindle, paperback or nook options or not
  • author link or not
  • etc
I need answers on these elements… Do they matter? how do they influence conversion rates?
At this stage I have no final answer.
I do have an answer concerning the access everything option.
This seems to make a huge difference to my income.


Some feed back

  • areas top navigation bar – keep it – ++++
  • Table of contents on side bar, not really needed
  • bright blue highlighted text – on old sales page – disturbing
  • video – low quality picture is actually a turn off – not attractive – should be replaced with better quality video or at least video snapshot – the way it is now seems cheap
  • calls for action on old sales page – it creates more irritation that enthusiasm – you don’t have to shout to convince me
  • new sales page = scores 85% – Old sales page = scores 60%
Same questions arise with old and new sales pages for cheating for women





which sales page works best?


here are some hints

Old sales page conversion rates:

21 sales in 40 months

7121 page hits for that period – that’s 1 sale / 339 page views = 0.2 conversion rate

which is VERY poor!

So, the old sales page was NOT converting well anyway.

this is one sale every 2 months.

The new sales pages do have a way better conversion rate on average.

so, that’s a no brainer…

Why was that old sales page converting so poorly?

no final answer on that one either…

just got a hint on that one…

when I wrote that book, I used the break up ebook as a frame for this one – I basically copied/pasted some chapters and as well the structure of the book…

I just read the sales page to this book and realize that the points are not as targeted as they should be to the cheating crisis situation.

If I had to guess, I would say that this is actually the core reason why it did not convert more, it is because the book and the way it is written is not targeted enough.

in other terms, it is because of the quality of the product, not because of page design issues.

what is clear though is that the new sales page for that product could be way more adapted…

To be followed…