You are so male! So dominant!

And I love it!

That should be your answer!

You see, this is where it gets confusing!

Women will often say these things as an accusation!

They say that for various reasons!

They want to test you, see if a little attack will destabilize you!

They can feel overpowered by your energy!

They can feel neglected and not seen!

They crave for deep emotional connection!

They feel that they can’t connect to your expression of masculine power!

This is like any life recipe!

Once you tap into the dominant or alpha quality, some guys will use it all the time!!

Or use it in ways that are not attractive!

That’s a mistake!

They overdo it when they should be shifting to a more nurturing approach!

Or they should be more subtle with it!

Or they should express their male power in new more sexy ways!

Emotional vulnerability is sexy!

Dominance? Power? Control? Sexy too!

Except if they are the only card you can play and women are bombarded with it all the time!

There is a time to be in control!

There is a tine to relax and let go!

If you are micromanaging your wife, insulting her intelligence by judging her actions, beliefs or emotions, of course she will quickly freak out!

She will feel overpowered when she needs respect, space and freedom!

The male qualities that women often complain about are:

– Beer drinking
– Game watching
– Wife neglecting
– Inability to feel her needs
– Being cold
– Lost in computer games
– Too much time at work
– Inability to listen and hold space
– Urge to control or change her emotions
– Arguing from the head
– Judging her
– Wanting to fix her
– Etc.

Guess what?

I agree with women!

These expressions of malehood are boring!

Being male is like owning the power of fire!

You can do all sorts of creative, exciting fun stuff with fire!

Same with male power!

Tapping into the higher octave of these powers is what women crave for the most!

They expect guys to tap in that source and translate this energy for women in the form of powerful exciting expressions!

So, what’s exiting for women?

– Guys who can play with power and shift to softer expressions any time!
– Guys who can take control to set up a date!
– Power and raw fire in the bedroom!
– Ability to stand untouched in the fire of her wildest emotions!
– Ability to care for and protect loved ones!
– Ability to lead!
– Etc!

So when a woman gives you hints, see where she comes from!

Is it just a test?

Or is it the expression of your male power that is not exciting?

Is it because you are dominant all the time and can’t shift to care?

What is it?

Take a look at it!

And recalibrate your expression of male energy if needed!

That said, most women I interact with are still complaining about men not being males enough!

They miss the wild stallion quality!

And they complain about existing partners having lost their edge and falling in boring expressions of their malehood!

What to do about it?

In all cases, this means mastering your alpha nature and your personal expression of your masculinity!

Dive into it!

Do something about it!

Find it challenging to figure it out by yourself?

Call me!

About the author

Shiva Rajaya

Tantrika / Life coach / Activator of new evolutionary codes for the planet and humankind

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