? Your experience of reality is multidimensional

? Emotions are just one aspect of your experience

? You filter reality through your conditioning

? Frequencies rather than isolated experiences

? If you practice frustration, stress, victimization, triggered states that’s what your system creates or attracts

? If your system feels happy, inspired, creative, you attract that reality

? These are frequencies

? You can consciously design your experience of reality

? Light states and shadow states

? You can consciously design your state of being by activating the frequencies you want to attract in your life

  • Your personal space
  • The choices you make
  • Where you put your energy
  • Your connections to people

? You create your reality by what you invest into

? The emotions you don’t practice will bounce on the surface of your mind because they feel strange or unreal to you, or because your inner space is already occupied by what you are used to

? “life sucks” or “life is beautiful”? which one is true?

? You are the one who makes an estimation of reality through the filter of your being! nature doesn’t judge itself!

? A rainstorm doesn’t go like “i’m having a bad day”! It’s just energy and a state of being

? Our perception of reality creates duality and makes things right or wrong… but beyond these perceptions, everything is just energy



You become the emotions that you practice the most

Imagine that your system your mind your emotions your body, your energy body

Are a complex energy reality

And within that energy reality you create channels of conditioning

And these channels of conditioning are the result of your reactions to how you respond to life situations

You have certain behaviors, certain responses that you practice a lot

Those are going to become your natural comfort reactions

Your natural trained responses to the situations that you are experiencing in life

So here is the thing to understand

You become the emotions that you practice the most

If you are practicing something that you don’t want it is your responsibility to shift those emotions