It means that both partners are able to be mature in their relationship and be able as well to be fully independent and sovereign when by themselves.

Here are 10 more possible antonyms to codependent relationship:

An antonym of a term is a word that conveys the opposite meaning. When considering the term “codependent relationship,” we’re looking for phrases that describe relationships marked by mutual respect, independence, and healthy boundaries. Here are 10 antonyms for a codependent relationship:

  1. Independent Relationship: A relationship where both partners maintain their independence while still providing mutual support.
  2. Interdependent Relationship: Both individuals rely on each other in a balanced and healthy way, each maintaining their separate identities.
  3. Autonomous Relationship: Partners support each other but also respect the importance of personal autonomy.
  4. Balanced Relationship: Both partners share equal responsibilities, respect each other’s boundaries, and are capable of standing on their own.
  5. Healthy Relationship: A relationship where both partners feel secure, loved, and respected, and where boundaries and independence are upheld.
  6. Equal Partnership: A relationship characterized by shared decision-making and mutual respect.
  7. Mutual Relationship: Both partners give and receive equally, contributing to a balanced dynamic.
  8. Self-sufficient Relationship: Both partners are capable of meeting their own needs and do not rely excessively on the other.
  9. Reciprocal Relationship: Each partner gives and takes in equal measures, fostering a relationship based on mutual respect and care.
  10. Respectful Relationship: A relationship where both individuals are treated with respect and their boundaries are recognized and upheld.

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