Absolutely, here are 20 examples showing a man sharing an opinion or an experience about life, first using a general statement and then rephrased as an “I statement” to illustrate a more personal and introspective approach.

  1. About Work-Life Balance:
  • General Statement: “Work always takes over life.”
  • I Statement: “I often feel like my work overshadows other aspects of my life.”
  1. Discussing Health:
  • General Statement: “Eating healthy is too hard.”
  • I Statement: “I find it challenging to maintain a healthy diet.”
  1. On Aging:
  • General Statement: “Getting older is depressing.”
  • I Statement: “I sometimes feel sad about the aging process.”
  1. Regarding Technology:
  • General Statement: “Technology is ruining real communication.”
  • I Statement: “I feel that technology sometimes hinders face-to-face interactions.”
  1. Talking about Politics:
  • General Statement: “Politicians are all corrupt.”
  • I Statement: “I often feel distrustful of politicians.”
  1. On Environmental Issues:
  • General Statement: “People don’t care about the environment.”
  • I Statement: “I get concerned when I see a lack of environmental consciousness.”
  1. Discussing Education:
  • General Statement: “Modern education is failing our kids.”
  • I Statement: “I worry about the quality of education that children are receiving today.”
  1. About Social Media:
  • General Statement: “Social media is toxic.”
  • I Statement: “I sometimes feel overwhelmed by the negativity on social media.”
  1. On Relationships:
  • General Statement: “Relationships are too complicated.”
  • I Statement: “I find navigating relationships to be complex.”
  1. Regarding Music Today:
    • General Statement: “Music today has no real substance.”
    • I Statement: “I often struggle to connect with modern music.”
  2. Talking About Exercise:
    • General Statement: “No one has time to exercise.”
    • I Statement: “I find it hard to make time for exercise.”
  3. Discussing Travel:
    • General Statement: “Traveling is too stressful.”
    • I Statement: “I often feel stressed when planning and going on trips.”
  4. About Cooking:
    • General Statement: “People rely too much on takeout.”
    • I Statement: “I notice a tendency in myself to opt for takeout over cooking.”
  5. On Reading Habits:
    • General Statement: “Nobody reads books anymore.”
    • I Statement: “I miss the times when I used to read more books.”
  6. Regarding Movies:
    • General Statement: “Movies are not as good as they used to be.”
    • I Statement: “I feel that movies nowadays often don’t match up to the classics.”
  7. Talking About Fashion:
    • General Statement: “Fashion today is ridiculous.”
    • I Statement: “I find myself confused by current fashion trends.”
  8. On Urban Living:
    • General Statement: “City life is too chaotic.”
    • I Statement: “I sometimes feel overwhelmed by the chaos of city living.”
  9. Discussing Hobbies:
    • General Statement: “People don’t have hobbies anymore.”
    • I Statement: “I notice many people, including myself, struggle to find time for hobbies.”
  10. On Art:
    • General Statement: “Contemporary art makes no sense.”
    • I Statement: “I often have trouble understanding contemporary art.”
  11. Regarding Work Culture:
    • General Statement: “The workplace has become too competitive.”
    • I Statement: “I feel that my workplace is becoming increasingly competitive.”

These examples show how personalizing statements can shift the focus from generalizing or projecting onto others to reflecting one’s own feelings and experiences.

About the author

Shiva Rajaya

Tantrika / Life coach / Activator of new evolutionary codes for the planet and humankind