3 steps to kick off your energy!

Today’s focus is on motivation.

Motivation is one of the great secrets of our mind. Motivation is emotional fuel. It is the starting point to any step in life. Having clear energy sources and motivation channels is one of the main keys to success.

Here are three direct ways to pump up your life:

Step 1: Focus on what thrills you!

Motivation is about excitement. To be motivated in life, simply focus on what thrills you.

If you face a motivation gap, focus first on your passion.

When you take action out of excitement, you build up emotional fuel, emotional reserves. When you prioritize life around what truly matters, you see your motivation rise in a very spectacular way.

  • Are you excited about your goals?
  • Are you doing this for yourself or for others?
  • Let go of “shoulds”!
  • Take a white page and write down 10 things you feel excited in doing.

Step 2: Identify what drains you

Everything in and around us is energy. Some activities, behaviors or locations tend to drain us; some others pump us up.

We are bombarded by millions of psychic impressions each day. Our being is a vast system digesting and integrating new energies every single minute.

Check your environment:

  • Is anything draining your energy?
  • It can a demanding partner who puts you down.
  • It can be this colleague at work who does not respect you.
  • It can be draining friends who feed themselves from your presence.
  • Spend more time with those who believe in you and stay away from those who drain you.
  • Design your environment to support your goals.
  • How much more do you want to give up before you say: Enough! Develop clear boundaries and give when you want to give, not when you are forced to.

Build clear boundaries to protect your mind and personal space. Learn to say “No”, “maybe”, “Later, not now”.

Step 3: Take action

Doubts, fears, hesitations are closed doors. They are what holds you back. When you listen to doubts and fears, you hold back from life. You feed inaction and passivity. To break that cycle, simply take action. Start by small steps. What is the first thing that comes to your mind.

  • Aim for good not perfect.
  • See any mistake as a learning experience.
  • Shift your mind and start loving risk rather than avoiding it. “I love risk!” “Any challenge is an opportunity to grow”
  • Action is what brings you from where you are to where you want to be.

Why does action give you energy? Because action gives you life. The moment you take action you manifest your natural life power and stimulate your body and mind. Action means life.

These were the tips for today.