5 min rule for social calls – PRODUCTIVITY

If you spend an hour discussing the latest political trend with your best friend, how is this going to help your business???

It doesn’t!

There is a time for socializing and this time is NOT between 9-11 am while your mind should be focused on your marketing battle strategies!

Give yourself max 5 min to get off the phone + Don’t initiate social calls during work hours!

If this is not enough and your professional space still gets invaded by a difficult ex or a depressed friend, turn off your cell phone and direct calls to your voice mail!

Scan your calls! If it’s not work related don’t pick it up!

Take a few min AFTER hours to get in touch with whoever wanted to reach you.

You are NOT a charity dedicated to solve everyone’s problems!

You are a business owner and your job is to serve your customers, not your friends!

Got that?

You might think that this is a bit harsh but let me put it this way:

If your business is doing great and you have no problem achieving your targets, then what I just said is totally irrelevant to you.

You are free to nurture friendships and spend hours listening to your mom’s latest gossips when she calls.

Now, if you feel your enterprise is in trouble and you might not reach after all, the place where no man has gone before, you need to set up new boudaries.

What we are discussing here ARE PROFESSIONAL BOUNDARIES!

These are the measures you put in place to protect your work space!

Believe me! I have seen enough entrepreneurs TOTALLY frustrated by this issue to know that it could be one of the major hurdles that keeps you away from success!

Don’t let that happen!

Fight and protect your space! It is your right!

Yes! Some people might get offended because you are not available to them, but guess what?

Who’s agenda is this?

Is this your time or theirs?

Gain control of YOUR time and don’t let others steal it from you!