Am I over reacting?

In a relationship boyfriend 59yrs old I’m 50.

Been living together for 1 year.

First time I found a picture of a women in his car. I asked him he said it was an old girlfriend. I told him I did not think it was healthy to be carrying old girlfriends picture. He took it out of the car and put it in his draw. He keeps a box of old pictures that do not bother me. Again about 2 months ago I was not looking but looking for a paper none in the house so his briefcase had a tablet. Discovered my picture that he must carry and it warmed my heart but then when I took it out to see which one he had noticed other old girlfriends he is saving as well along with my picture.

I was very hurt…. but talked and once again said this his hurtful…he said he will take the picture out and put them in a safe place that he likes to look at them from time to time.

Now this week cleaning out the car in the truck are the same picture of ladies of his. He said he likes to look at them from time to time it is his history his past of good times. He also told me he still calls one of the ladies he had a relationship. So I asked him if she knew about me. He said they don’t discuss each other personal life.

We are with each other so I don’t doubt he loves me we have a great relationship and fun together… Am I over reacting to him carrying pictures of other women? It hurts me I thought this last year we have been having fun. Trying to make a future together.

I’m considered very attractive so it is not that they are beautiful and I’m not…



To put it shortly, yes, you are overreacting. If he was letting these pictures in your personal space, that would be invading your sphere.

It’s normal for him to keep memories of his past and stay active on a social level, even with exes.

Getting jealous about details like this one destroys the harmony and trust within the relationship.

Here is another way of looking at it: even though he thinks every now and then about an ex, it’s still with you he decides to be. He takes a decision every day to be with you. Thank him for what he gives you rather than attacking him on something you can’t control.



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