Are you resisting change?

Are you resisting change?

Hesitation is a very draining resistance in your life. It stands in the same line as irrational fears, doubts and other negative mind patterns.

Every time you hesitate, you feed doubts, and simply stop life from happening. Your whole being resists life endlessly simply because you are afraid of making the wrong choice.

You can as well be afraid of not having built enough inner energy to go ahead with your choice.

All that is human! Very human. You can live with patterns like these for years wishing things were different.

You are made of energy and any mind pattern which simply resist life drains your system. It’s as if you were trying to gain speed and breaking at the same time. It’s okay until one day you have enough of it and realize you can do better. Flow! Performance! Increased happiness!

When you try to change a habit or a mind pattern in you, you are faced with 1 direct form of resistance: resistance to change.

Why do you resist change? Because change is stressful. New forces and ideas manifesting in your life put you under pressure and force you to integrate new patterns and behaviors.

Most people who feel unhappy about their lives do actually nothing to change simply because of that: resistance to change: unhappiness is still a form of comfort in which one can relax. This comfort is not perfect but it is still less stressful than change.

So you choose for stable unhappiness rather than stressful change. Again… Human, very human!

Change requires free energy. You can’t go for change if you have no time, space or energy to invest in it. Change demands investment, focus, attention, follow up, etc.

Rebuilding even a simple pattern in your mind is demanding and this is why you might simply postpone it endlessly. Taking steps would be too demanding. Your mind is not available. You have conflicting interests and your number 1 priority is somewhere else.

What do you do now?

Sometimes, a negative mind pattern becomes so destructive in your life that you decide to do something about it. At that moment, something magical happens in you: you take a decision!

You realize that changing requires time, energy and focus and you still go for it.

The force that moves you into a renewal and transformation cycle is very precious. It is backed up by ambition in you. This ambition is saying: “I want better”, “I can do better”, “I had enough of that”. This ambition is your emotional fuel. It is the motivation which feeds you action.

The question is not what technique you will use, it is whether or not you will engage yourself into it.

You have the power of self determination! This is a gift but means as well that you are responsible for your own happiness. You are the one who decides and take decisions about your life.

You decide to move mountains or to stay where you are.

Are you the master of your emotions or are your emotions controlling your life? Who is in charge here?