Be better organized

What do you need to organize?

Take a white page and write down your top 5 priorities.

How would you feel if these 5 key areas were flowing harmoniously without friction.

What is the value of having this done in your life?

What do you feel it takes to succeed with that?


What is holding you back?

Is it lack of action?

Lack of focus?

Lack of skills?

Lack of motivation and energy?

Is it simply a pattern, habit or a way of doing things?

Is there any sense of urgency about changing your present situation?

Why is it important to do something about it?


What are your possible options?

Where can you start?

What are 5 simple steps you can take today to get your life more organized?

What is your medium term vision (3 months) concerning your life effectiveness?


Strategies, fun, thrill

Being disorganized has this kind of lightness, fun and spontaneous connotation to it.

Deep inside, being organized is sometimes associated with lack of life and fun.

The key is to organize your life without loosing its spontaneous touch.

When you do organize your life around a free structure which fits you, you create more freedom, enjoyment, and life satisfaction.


It takes only 1 month to shift essential behavior patterns in you. The key is motivation and decision.

What you can create in your future is an environment which supports your dreams and desires. It is an environment which works with your rather than against you.

Imagine for a second that all the resistance and friction you might feel in your daily life is replaced by flow and effectiveness.

How much would this change your life?

How much longer do you want to wait before taking action?