Body activation

The body has 2 main layers.

The first layer is what you see.

It is the physical matter.

The second layer is the energy layer.

This is the same as etheric body, biofield, aura or energy body.

It is the electro magnetic vibration that permeates us.

It is way more complex than anything we can really conceive.

Chinese medicine taps in the energy body when it activates the meridians.

When you massage or tap on pressure points, you activate this same energy body.

Your energetic anatomy is way more complex than anything you have read or experienced.

We have very few tools to explore or describe it.

It is way more than a vague cloud of energy.

Each cell in your body has its energetic reflection.

Each thought or emotion you have is reverberated throughout your energy body triggering subtle changes in it.

The air you take in when you breathe or the food you eat deeply impact on this subtle aspect of your being.

If someone gets angry or loving with you, you feel the energetic impact throughout your being.

Each life experience is stored in subtle blueprints in your energy body.

Each disharmony in your physical body has a reflection in your energy body.

And each disturbance in your energy body might reflect as physical pain, discomfort or sickness.

Equally, if you have a sudden feeling of joy, it is the sign that something as been cleared energetically.

If you laugh or cry, the emotional release triggers a flow of subtle energy in your being or maybe it is the other way round… The energetic flow triggers laughter or tears.

Emotions, thoughts, feelings, energy, body impressions are all intimately interconnected.

With vital sex we focus on our energy body.

We activate a fresh flow of energy in the biofield because when we do, we feel alive, free and awake!!!

We use sexual energy as a source of life force.

We can use many other techniques like sound work, movement breathing, creative expression, dance, study, compassionate action and so much more.

We have dozens of possible pathways to access freedom and unity!

With vital sex, we simply decide to focus on sexual energy.

We do that because sexual energy is an unlimited source of life force which is underused and often blocked on an individual and planetary level.

The goal is to activate this energy to create freedom and space and  give us our full potential as a human race.

About the author

Shiva Rajaya

Tantrika / Life coach / Activator of new evolutionary codes for the planet and humankind