Change something in my environment

Change something in my environment

Your personal space is yours. Did you know that it’s one of your basic human rights to have some for of control over your environment.

Do you feel like you live in the wrong place, or is it your personal space which gets invaded?

Whatever your situation, it is your right to do something about it. It takes extra power and energy to unblock situations.

Why? simply because environments are crystallized. They simply stay the way they are unless you go and do something about it.

Some aspects of your environment are beyond your zone of influence: this goes for the general context you are in: nature, your city, etc. You ca shift small aspects of it but it is usually beyond your control because it does not belong to you.

You can however make a real difference in the space which is yours. Suppose you own a house or live in a flat. It is your right and within your power to change your personal space so that it fits with your needs.

Every time you want to change, you need extra energy, extra power to break through.

You are the designer of your environment. You are the architect of your personal space. If you don’t like something, change it! It is your right. Wake up your power and do it.