"Choice making" tips

“Choice making” tips

If you can choose between freedom and limitation, go for freedom.

If you can choose between a rigid time frame and a flexible one, go for the flexible one.

Try giving a bit of attention to various fields rather than a lot of attention to just one field.

If you can’t choose between two lines, choose for both alternatively if you can.

If you systematically choose for practicality, try choosing for pleasure, fun or beauty for a while.

If you usually choose for discipline, try freedom or excess every now and then.


Shift your habits, shift your choices!

If you always tend to listen, try speech for a while.

If you speak too much, try listening.

If you spent the day inside, go outside for a while

If you eat fish today, try meat tomorrow, tofu after tomorrow.


Simple… Shift habits!

Why, because you use your creativity, your imagination when you do so. You use your freedom, experience new things…

Consider and respect as many elements as you can in your choice making.

But say “stop” when your reach your limit.

If you can’t choose between two possibilities, try looking for a third one.

If you can’t jump into the water, just feel the temperature with your toe.

In other words if you can’t choose for a big step, try a little step.