Coping / Responses to anxiety – NOTE

Here are some possible responses:

  • Changes – making changes to shift power, position and remove the anxiety
  • Escape
  • Denial
  • Reasoning / Reassurance – “There is no reason to be afraid”, “everything will be all right”, etc
  • Mental strength – Forcing yourself into a positive state of mind
  • Mind training – Learning and practicing new mind techniques
  • Alcohol and drugs
  • Professional support – Seeing a therapist, a financial adviser, etc
  • Medication – anti depressants, etc
  • Healing / Herbs / Therapies / Aromatherapies
  • Getting a pet – spending time with horses – swimming with dolphins
  • Social support – Sharing with friends or family members – asking for help
  • Prayer
  • Religion – Looking for answers and comfort in a religious system
  • Spiritual – same but in a more universal way rather than in an existing religious system
  • Peace building – engaging in conflict resolution, diplomatic solutions on all levels domestic, urban, national
  • Proactive action – any action taken to remove the threat
  • Security building – same
  • Skills building – active training, for instance martial arts to feel physically more secure – Or professional skills training to be more competitive career wise
  • Trust – conscious decision to give up worrying and trust life, the universe, destiny and accept it
  • Embrace – Embrace the outcome
  • Release – consciously emotional releasing the tension in the body and mind by not resisting it
any more? feel free to share… Post in the comments, please