Do you need a spiritual system or technique to succeed? – ARTICLE

The true question you can ask yourself is this one:

Suppose you decide to try meditation on your own and discover a couple of techniques, where do you think these techniques come from?

Did you invent them?

If yes, what was the force inspiring you?

Yes! You can recreate your own system and you can be totally successful and fulfilled with that.

Suppose you want to climb a summit, you can use the experience of others or try it on your own without any help.

When you join a meditation class, you enter into an existing system and feel support and ideas.

If you feel limited by what you get and prefer trying it on your own, it works as well.

There is a source of infinite wisdom and teaching which is everywhere on the planet in the form of an invisible network.

There are such things as “invisible teaching centers” or “inner schools”.

Sometimes, these inner schools or systems are manifested in the form of an existing spiritual center somewhere.

There are however dozens of teachings you will come across inwardly which are not written in any book.

You can tap into these by exploring them on your own.

It is not a formed system. It is rather a stream of inspiration you can tap into.

Don’t look out there for it.

Look inside in the core of your instincts and intuition

Of course, it is easier to hear a message when someone speaks it out in front of you.

If you try to feel or tap into your instinctual power to reinvent these techniques, it might simply take a bit longer.

You are free!

All doors are open!

If you feel limited within an existing system, go solo, explore and create your own.

If you feel you run out of ideas or inspiration, you can always go for a class or connect with an existing system or teaching to find a “missing link”.

If you tune into your inner source of inspiration and trust your “spiritual instinct”, you can get results.

It is your choice! It is your call!

All doors are opened!