Do you need a tradition to succeed with your spiritual quest? – ARTICLE

It totally depends on your own level of development.

You might feel for instance that you are strong enough without using an existing tradition.

You will connect to a source of inspiration and rebuild for yourself your own spiritual expression.
There is always a source of inspiration.

You will always develop some form of technique around that source of inspiration.

You might connect with what you feel via a daily walk in nature, by experimenting with your diet, by isolating yourself for days or anything else.


Even staying in silence or listening to a specific music is an approach in itself.

Even a total “non technique” or free approach becomes a system as soon as you start manifesting it.

Now a system or tradition can free you or it can alienate you.

The goal is to free your mind, not to limit it.

If you feel that a tradition limits you, then free yourself from it.

This is where you need to be extremely smart with your own spiritual development:

Is this tradition system or technique a step forward or a step backwards in your own spiritual development?

Does it limit your mind or does it free it?

This is the key question to ask yourself first!

Now, how can a system or tradition help you wake up your spiritual power?

Remember that we said earlier that forces are competing in your mind.

When you are trapped in material oriented attitudes, dealing with practicalities, money, family, health, etc, you are simply dealing with a certain set of energy realities.

You might be subject to the pressures of your boss or love partner. You are bombarded by dozens of marketing messages which force you to consume goods you don’t need.

In other terms, you are actively interacting with all these energy realities.

Now, do any of these energy realities actively remind you that you are a universal being and that there is more to life than what you see?

Do any of these realities wake up an infinite sense of joy and bliss?

Do any of these realities teach you about your inner spiritual anatomy?

Clearly no, right?

You can go for days traveling the pathways of your daily reality without being confronted with a single message which connects you with something “spiritual”.

If you want to connect with your life’s spiritual dimension, you are left with two options:

  • You go and get this spiritual elements yourself.


  • You get a little help and connect with an existing tradition which will function as a bridge between your present life and the spiritual reality you are searching.

A spiritual tradition is a pathway which has been explored before.

As soon as you connect with it, you receive help, knowledge, techniques and support.

The trick is that when you join an existing system or tradition, you accept a certain existing set of rules, behaviors and authority of the masters and teachers along that line.

This is exactly where you can feel turned off, because you feel it actually takes away freedom from you.

You might feel disempowered through that process.

Why? Because you start relying at least a bit on an external authority.

Something else that might be a turn off is that these systems or traditions have their own agenda.

Basically, you fit into their plan!

If this plan fits into your plan as well, then there is perfect synergy and everyone wins.

Now, sometimes, you might feel that an existing tradition does not really care about your own personal agenda.

In fact all your new mind sets might precisely be about giving up your own personal agenda and replacing it by a new plan.

As you can see, the power dynamics involved in your spiritual quest are very subtle and there are many forces and powers at play.

Very often you tend to believe that it’s all about love and unity when in fact the power dynamics I just described are the invisible architecture which is directing thoughts and emotions in these contexts.

Does it mean that traditions and system are bad?

Not at all!

You simply need to interact with them with great awareness and understand exactly how this system can help you, how you can help it and what the exact boundaries of this interaction are.

It is a vast topic and I will come back to it soon!

Take care