Do you need to choose just one tradition to succeed? – ARTICLE

You are free!

I am sure that many of your friends feel affinity for more than one stream.

If the Dalai Lama gives a speech in your city, you might go and listen to it.

If you see a program on TV about Hindu rituals in the Ganga river, you might get hooked to your screen in wonder with what you see.

If you hear about one of your Muslim friends taking off for the Hadj to Mecca, you might give him your blessing and best wishes for his trip.

You are in a place in human evolution where you can rise beyond differences.

Religion exclusivity is still practiced and required by most religious systems.

Now, is this needed?

Who exactly needs it?

If your inner drive tells you to taste various meals, why not?

Who says you should limit yourself within a single belief system.

If you touch on this sense of universality and realize the unity of all religions and spiritual streams, you probably feel a sense of joy and inner freedom.

Embrace it!

It is one of the most empowering experiences you will ever have.

Next time someone asks you: “So, what is your religion?”

It is okay to respond with something like: “I feel affinity for all spiritual streams”

Will this stop you from reaching the absolute, nirvana or self realization?

Of course not!

Everyone (almost) knows that both Christians and Muslims worship the same absolute reality. They simply give it a different name.

Some will say that the path of Jesus in the only path.

Some others will say that the path of Mohammed is the only path.

In fact, it’s okay. Let anyone believe what they want.

What matters is the way you stand in this.

Choose for yourself.

If someone says:

“Well, you can’t enter this temple unless you renounce your other beliefs”

Simply accept it and make your choice.

I am convinced that if you keep on walking, you will come across a system which does not ask you to renounce anything.

The ultimate goal of your spiritual development is absolute freedom.

What is the mind set which has the power to take you there instantly?